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Between my trips to visit my son in Bakersfield, and my frequent trips to Mexico, I keep "The 99" hot... and Tulare is a frequent stop.  I usually leave the Sacramento area at "O-dark-thirty-hour-of-the-morning" so Tulare is usually is a great place to stop for breakfast... and since breakfast is my favorite meal... Black Bear Diner is a restaurant of choice for me...

Photo:  Late Saturday morning, March 19, 2011, it's gusty wind outside, but it's a perfect morning to enjoy a delicious breakfast at Black Bear Diner.  The question is... why didn't I take them up on their steak and eggs special?

Photo:  On this March Saturday morning, Black Bear Diner is really busy, as almost all the booths and tables are full.  For me, it was no problem, as when I dine alone, I usually sit at the counter, which can be seen to the left of the photo.

Photo:  My friendly server, Kaylah, poses with my breakfast on the counter.  Sure, this is a posed photo, but Kaylah readily agreed to "strike the pose" for my camera, and actually liked me to take her photo, so I rewarded her with a generous tip.  My BlackBerry Torch 9800 is on the counter next to my coffee cup... since this photo was published, I've put the BlackBerry on Bay and upgraded to an Phone 4, which is a move I should have made six months ago... that's another story.  However, an Phone will always be in my future...

Photo:  My friendly server, Kaylah, and coffee waiter Everyone, check out "something..." as I snap their photo from where I'm sitting at the counter.  Everyone and Kaylah are nice people, and Black Bear Diner is a nice place to eat... I love the restaurant!!!

Photo:  Kaylah was happy to snap my photo, as I smile before my own camera with my delicious breakfast in front of me.  At this juncture, I'm just smilin' for the camera as I haven't even tasted my breakfast... but I "knew" it would be good, so I'm smiling in anticipation...

Photo:  Oh yeah... breakfast is good at Black Bear Diner, in Tulane.  My breakfast of two fried eggs over easy, country fried potatoes, sourdough toast, and a delicious cup of coffee that never ran below half full... all of this for around eight bucks.  Between the "I-don't-care-if-you-take-pictures-and-ask-questions," policy, the delicious food, the very reasonable prices, and the fast, friendly service - see this article - Black Bear Diner is a wonderful place to enjoy breakfast in Tulane.

Sure, Black Bear Diner is a link in a chain of restaurants... and I usually avoid chain restaurant, yet Black Bear Diner features everything that I love in a restaurant, as they serve delicious food, served by friendly people, and the prices won't gouge your wallet.  As far as I'm concerned, I'll be happy to patronize this "link in a chain" of fine restaurants... Tulane's Black Bear Diner is my kind of restaurant...

Black Bear Diner
1161 East Tulane Ave.
Tulane, CA 93274
559 684-9152

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