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I've been driving north and south on busy California Highway 99 since I've held a California driver's license... well over 40 years... and I've driven '99 between Sacramento and Bakersfeld literally, hundreds of times.  Apple Annie's has signs all over the highway, as you approach Tulare... you can't miss 'em...  yet it wasn't until Saturday, April 30, 2010, that we finally took the plunge, and enjoyed the fine cuisine offered at Apple Annie's.  Read on...

Photo:  You can't miss Apple Annie's, as they just off the freeway on Blackstone Street, which is the main north-south street in Tulare.  Note the attractive building, "Old Glory" proudly waving in the breeze, and the advertisement that you can enjoy ham and eggs, anytime, for $5.95.  

Photo:  As you walk into the restaurant, there is a small gift shop, and the restrooms are conveniently located near the entrance.  The cashier's station is to the left of the photo, which also shows some of the many gifts that are available.  As the sign points out, they'll seat you... and you get treated to Tulare-style hospitality when you dine at Apple Annie's.  Note the "G-gauge" toy train that runs near the ceiling, but due to bad behavior issues exhibited by some patrons, the train is gone, and now it's only an engine.

Photo:  The kitchen is plainly visible from the main dining room, and I can't resist to take a photo of a few of the hard-working staff in action.

Photo:  My order of chili verde, eggs, beans and tortillas has already been placed on the table, as our coffee server refreshes my coffee cup, and our friendly server, Mary, holds Sharlene's order of a mushroom cheeseburger and fries.  After enjoying my breakfast - my first meal of the day, but it was actually just after noon when we ate - Sharlene gave me the opportunity to polish off her burger and fries, after she ate as much as she could.  Don't get me wrong, as Apple Annie's offers large portions, but I'm a sucker for whatever my wife can't finish.

Photo:  Dear Readers, this is one of the most delicious breakfasts that I've enjoyed during my travels north and south on CA 99... Chili verde, refried beans, salsa, eggs over easy, and a stack of corn tortillas.  Absolutely wonderful!!!  The coffee was outstanding, and the friendly staff kept the mug full.  Annie's knows how to serve a delicious breakfast....

Photo:  Our friendly server, Mary, was gracious to take our photo, as Sharlene and I pose with our meals in front of us.  As I previously mentioned, I helped Sharlene finish her meal, which I have a tendency to do.  Shortly after this photo was taken, the owner of the restaurant - why didn't I get his name or take his photo??? - came over and welcomed us to the restaurant, and thanked us for stopping by.  We got to talking, and I asked him why the toy train only had an engine, and no cars.  He said that past patrons - children - had thrown objects at the train, which caused it to derail, and strike a patron.  Instant insurance nightmare!  So to alleviate further litigation, the train cars were removed, and a sort-of transparent barrier of fishing line was installed to prevent the engine from leaving the tracks, and falling upon a patron, in case some bratty kid decided to take issue with the engine, and throw something at it.  I suppose this is all in the name of progress...

If you're in the mood for some of the finest "San Joaquin Valley cuisine" between Bakersfield and Stockton, then Apple Annie's is the place to visit.  Their signs will draw you in from the highway, and their delicious diner cuisine, friendly service, and reasonable prices will make this restaurant a "keeper" for you, when you're driving on busy CA 99.

Apple Annie's
1165 North Blackstone Street
Tulare, CA 93274
559 686-2347

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