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Airport Bar and Grill, also known as Airport Inn Bar and Grill, is located in Mt. Bullion, CA, just across the highway from the Mariposa County airport.  This country bar and grill is a roadhouse, and a "hangout" for the Mariposa area locals.  This fine roadhouse serves delicious "home cookin'" lunch and dinner, and besides the beer and wine bar, it includes a pool table, shuffle board and complimentary wifi.  Oh... did I mention this fine restaurant serves delicious "pub style" cuisine?

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's early in the afternoon on Saturday, May 08, 2021, and I've arrived at Airport Inn Bar and Grill to enjoy a delicious lunch.  My "Thin Blue Line" flag, along with my "Confederate Battle Flag" that I'm flying on my truck are at home, and welcome in Mariposa County.

Photo:  That's the tail end of a real airplane, which helps to "brand" the restaurant, which is signed in memory of a friend.  The sign says "Beer, Burgers and Dogs..." how could you beat that?

Photo:  Somewhat of a controversial issue is a noose that hangs, outside of the restaurant.  Mariposa County was founded during the California gold rush, and during that period of time, law enforcement was quite sketchy, and local citizens often took the law into their hands, including using the "noose."  It's all well and good, and simply an icon of history, which made Mariposa County the vibrant place it is today.

The locals love this noose, but I've read many reviews of this fine restaurant from writers who object, and find this symbol of history offensive.  All of the "objectors" live in the Bay Area, which sort of tells me something...  If you don't like Mariposa County, simply stay home.

Photo:  It's "peaceful protest" all the time at Airport Inn Bar and Grill.  

Photo:  The owners of this fine restaurant, most residents of Mariposa County, along with the writer and publisher of this article, would love to move to the great "State of Jefferson" without leaving our current residences.  This sign is posted outside, near the entry door.

Photo:  Outside the front door there is a sign that posts daily specials.  Note the soup is clam chowder, which I NEVER pass up!

Photo:  Signs posted on the entry door to the restaurant.  Note that Airport Inn Bar and Grill is "gun friendly" and encourages patrons to bring their legally-carried firearms into the establishment.  Beware:  As troublemakers will be delbt with accordingly!

Keep in mind that Mariposa County is very rural, has a small population, and is very conservative.  Mariposa is "Trump country" all the way, and I will assume that these signs, the noose, the "State of Jefferson" sign would offend liberal, Bay Area types.  If liberals are offended by anything about this fine restaurant, the tact advice of the owners is to either stay home or go somewhere else.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you'll note the fine bar, and the "country," shall I say rustic? ... decor, which is pure Mariposa County.  The bar may be the centerpiece, but there are many comfortable tables where you can sip a cold beer, and enjoy some of the amazing "pub cuisine" this fine restaurant offers.

Photo:  My friendly server, Dan, takes my order of "Fish and Chips," from the "Daily Specials" section of the menu. Airport Bar and Grill is open for lunch and dinner, and the menu is the same any time the restaurant is open, with the exception of "specials" posted on the white board outside the entrance.

Photo:  "Mr. Teddy Bear" sits on top of "Mr. Mule Deer," who was most likely harvested in Mariposa County, as the area is famous for amazing deer, bear, wild hog and turkey hunting.

Photo:  As I was contemplating the menu - "Fish and Chips"  was on my mind - I had a chance to look up the ceiling and to ponder the decorations.

Photo:  First page of the menu features burgers, dogs, sandwiches and much more.

Photo:  Dinner is served after 4 in the afternoon.  Note the $3.00 discount for seniors and children, which I took advantage of, even though I'm not exactly a child.

Photo:  Today's friendly server, Dan, places a "French Dip Sandwich" on the table next to me, as this friendly lady looks on.

Photo:  Today I sat at the bar, and these friendly folks were sitting at a table just behind me, obviously having a great time and enjoying the fine cuisine that Airport Bar and Grill is famous for.  When they saw me taking photos, they invited me over to their table and asked me to take photos of their meals.  Thanks and no problem!


Photo:  From the "Burger Plates" section of the menu, here's the "Quarter pound Burger," complete with American cheese, fries, and all of the garnishes, including extras not listed on the menu.

Photo:  "New York Steak Sandwich," from the "Daily Specials" section of the menu, with fries as a side, and all of the trimmings.

Photo:  "French Dip Sandwich," with a side of "Tater Tots," along with a au jus, along with garnishes not listed on the menu.  At Airport Inn Bar and Grill, all burgers, sandwiches and most other menu choices come with slice of orange, half of a hard-boiled egg, a strawberry, cucumber slice, two olives, slice of carrot, dill pickle spear, and a small piece of frosted cake.  

Photo:  To the side of the bar, and the dining room, there is a pool table, a shuffleboard, a jukebox, and several television monitors.  There's also a wood-fired stove, that's comforting on cold winter evenings in Mariposa.

Photo:  Meet Dan, my friendly server, who brings my amazing lunch of "Fish and Chips" to me with a smile.  Note the condiments offered, including ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise and malt vinegar.  Service was very prompt, as my order arrived about 20 minutes after I placed it.  Airport Bar and Grill isn't a "fast food" restaurant, as it's a "quality food" restaurant.

Photo:  Thanks, Dan, for snapping my photo, as I get ready to enjoy a "Daily Special" of some of the best fish and chips you'll find in Mariposa County.  I was simply overjoyed that the "soup of the day" was clam chowder on this Saturday afternoon.  The draft beer helped to round off my wonderful lunch.

Photo:  From the "Daily Specials" section on the first page of the menu, I went with "Fish and Chips," as I rarely can pass up this wonderful dish.  I got to choose between a green salad or a small bowl of soup; I chose soup, and when I found out the soup was clam chowder, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven!  

Was I in Mariposa or London?  If you closed your eyes, you wouldn't know, as the fish was truly delicious and authentic.  Airport gives you three large pieces of cod, lightly seasoned, battered, and deep fried to a perfect, crispy golden brown on the outside, and tender, white and juicy on the inside, just like "fish" should be.  Along with the fish, I enjoyed a small mountain of fries, deep fried to a perfect golden brown on the outside, and white and tender inside, which was absolutely perfect.  There was a cup of tarter sauce on the side which was perfect for dipping.  I love tarter sauce, and I asked my friendly server, Dan, for another cup, and he cheerfully brought me seconds.

I was simply overjoyed the soup was clam chowder, which doesn't always happen on a Saturday afternoon!  Airport Bar and Grill doesn't serve ordinary clam chowder, as this bowl of clam chowder was one of the best bowls of chowder that I'd enjoyed in recent memory.  The soup was thick and milky, with lots of diced clam, and finely-cut potato, which added to the thickness.  A little paprika was sprinkled on top to add to the presentation and the flavor.  You can come to Airport Inn Bar and Grill for the "Fish and Chips," but you should stay for the clam chowder!

Similar to the burger I enjoyed the previous Wednesday - scroll down this article - garnishes included tomato slice, dill pickle spear, sliced lemon, a chili pepper, a couple of olives, orange slice, and a small piece of frosted cake. These amazing extras weren't mentioned on the menu, as I certainly didn't expect such an unexpected treat!  Such great garnishes to nibble on!  Not to mention they made the "plating" simply a work of art.  The small slice of cake added a sweet touch at the end of the meal.

Airport Inn Bar and Grill serves an amazing plate of "Fish and Chips!"  If you're as much of a fan of this wonderful dish as I am, you'll simply fall in love with their fine version of this "pub classic" favorite.

Three days previous, on Wednesday, May 05, 2021, my brother and I enjoyed a fine lunch of cheeseburgers at this amazing restaurant!  Check it out...

Photo:  Wednesday, May 05, 2021, around 1:00 in the afternoon, my brother Michael and I arrived at Airport Inn Bar and Grill for the first time, after passing by this fine roadhouse countless times.

Photo:  Outside the front door, a white board announced today's special, which was enchiladas and more, as today was Cinco de Mayo.  Oddly enough, Cinco de Mayo isn't really celebrated in Mexico, as it's more of a "holiday," so to speak, in the United States.

Photo:  Mariposa county is the "land of the free" which embraces the right of free citizens to make their own choices, free of government control and bureaucracy.  Nobody, including customers and staff wears a mask at Airport Inn Bar and Grill, much to the disdain of liberals, who have posted scathing reviews on this fine restaurant.

COVID... what's that?  

Photo:  Tom Nelson, co-owner of the restaurant, pours us a couple of Coors beers from the tap.  Note the "country" decor and the "Got Beer?" sign.

Photo:  Robbie Nelson, co-owner of Airport Bar and Grill takes Michael's order.  We sat at the bar so we could get a great view of all of the action, and at a rustic place like this, it just felt natural.

Photo:  Behind the bar there is a large room that features a pool table and shuffleboard.  Not shown in the photo, but this room is heated by a wood-fired stove,  to keep staff and diners warm during the cold winters in Mariposa.

Photo:  Robbie told me "You have to check out the men's restroom," so I took her advice, and this is what greeted me.  The liberals would be stunned is they saw this, most likely would attempt to file an e.e.o., and would scream "POLITICALLY INCORRECT!"

Photo:  Another view of the bar, and a peek into the kitchen at the left.  You're warned, as there is a "KEEP OUT" sign... perhaps you'd get shot if you attempted to barge through the swingin' doors into the kitchen?  Note the many clocks and beer signs that decorate the bar and the dining room.

Photo:  This friendly Mariposa local resident sat a couple of stools away from us at the bar, and made pleasant conversation.  He told us that he's a regular, and stops by frequently for a beer, and some amazing "pub grub."

Photo:  Meet friendly Robbie Nelson, co-owner of Airport Inn Bar and Grill," as she brings my "Half Pound Burger Plate" to me with a smile.  Robbie provided great conversation, along with outstanding service.  My beer glass was empty, but there were no worries, as I simply ordered another one to go with my amazing lunch.

Photo:  Thanks, Robbie, for snapping the photo of Michael and I, as we're about ready to enjoy an amazing lunch of burgers and beer.  Does lunch get any better?

Photo:  From the "Burger Plates" section of the menu, Michael ordered a burger exactly like mine, except that he ordered the quarter pound version, and requested the chef to hold the mayonnaise.  His burger arrived exactly like mine, except the only opted for one beef patty, no cheese and no mayonnaise.  By the time I got around to photographing his burger, he'd already applied ketchup.  Like me, he raved about his burger.

Photo:  From the "Burger Plates" section of the menu, I went with the "Half Pound Burger," as I was HUNGRY on this Cinco de Mayo.  The menu advertises, "Includes mayo, lettuce, tomato, red onion and pickles."  Choice of fries, Tater Tots, green salad or soup.  Extras - for $1.00 per item - include five varieties of cheese, bacon, avocado, mushrooms, Ortega or jalapeno chili peppers.  I opted for a slice of pepper jack cheese, which was one of the cheese choices.  For my side, I opted for fries, as that's always a solid choice, and a great place to begin when you're enjoying a new restaurant.

My burger and fries arrived served "open face," and I was simply stunned at the beautiful presentation, and the extras the menu didn't mention.  The tomato, red onion and dill pickle slices were beautifully laid out on a bed of crisp, green lettuce, but... surprise! as in addition to the garnishes the menu listed, my "Burger Plate" included an orange slice, half of a hard-boiled egg, a strawberry, cucumber slice, two olives, slice of carrot, dill pickle spear, and a small piece of frosted cake.  Not only did the extras add to the stunning presentation, but they added to the elegance of the lunch.

In my case, my burger was built on two beef patties, cooked perfectly medium, just the way I like them.  I didn't order medium, and I "assume" if you wanted your burger cooked different, the talented chef would accommodate your wishes.  The slice of pepper jack cheese was between the meat patties, and the burger was topped with mayonnaise.  The two slices of meat arrived placed on the bottom of a large, fresh, buttered and toasted bun, and the top of the bun was on the plate, which added to the beautiful presentation.  

My side of choice was fries, and the fries were large, but not quite as large as steak fries, and deep fried to a perfect crispy golden brown on the outside, and tender white on the inside, just like fries should be.  The fries were so delicious that I didn't feel the need for ketchup, as they were "stand alone" delicious by themselves.

After assembling the lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle slices, and taking a bite of the pickle spear on the side, one bite into this amazing cheeseburger sent me into burger heaven!  Like a quality burger, the meat, cheese and bun were "hot," and the garnishes were "cold," which adds to a burger taste sensation.  This amazing cheeseburger was tender, flavorful and juicy, and when you combined the "hot" with the "cold" ... this burger was simply amazing. Tom, the chef and co-owner of the restaurant has talent!  I might add that this burger was SO delicious that I didn't feel the need to add any mustard or ketchup.

I simply enjoyed my amazing burger, the fries, and the "extras" not mentioned on the menu.  In the end, the small slice of frosted cake added a "sweet end" to my amazing lunch.

This was simply one of the best burgers that I've enjoyed for a long time!  If you love burgers as much as I do, this is THE burger for YOU and Airport Inn Bar and Grill is a "must visit" on your burger agenda.

Airport Inn Bar and Grill is a fine restaurant, and a favorite of the locals, and many travelers on State Highway 49. When you're visiting Mariposa County, or on your way to Yosemite, and you're in the mood for local atmosphere, friendly service, great food at a very reasonable price, pay a visit to Airport Inn Bar and Grill, located in Mt. Bullion, CA.

Airport Inn Bar and Grill
6065 Highway 49 North
Mariposa, CA 95338
209 377-8444

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