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The immediate area of midtown Sacramento, CA is a magnet for breakfast lovers, as two fantastic breakfast restaurants are within the scant confines of a city block:  Fox and Goose, and the place of our breakfast club meeting on September 24, 2010, the nearby Waffle Square Country Kitchen.

Photo:  Waffle Square Country Kitchen is located near downtown Sacramento, but it's worlds away, as it features lots of shade trees, and ample parking.

We've visited Waffle Square restaurants before, albeit not a this specific location.  Waffle Square is a small chain of four restaurants, located in the greater Sacramento area.  If you're a regular visitor to this web site, you'll probably note that we've held club meetings at three of Waffle Square's locations... so today, it was David's turn to choose the location of the club meeting, so he chose Waffle Square Country Kitchen to square up the books upon this particular local restaurant chain.

Anytime a sign, or a title of a restaurant located in the greater Sacramento metro area proclaims the phrase, "country kitchen," you know it will be a target for the Sacramento Breakfast Club, as that's what we like, plainly stated, country kitchen, or country cookin'.  We're plain, down-home folks, and easy to please, but we like our home-fried potatoes and our biscuits and gravy.  Not a problem at Waffle Square, as they're open only for breakfast and lunch, and most of their menu is focused on breakfast, which is the goal of our breakfast club, which is to enjoy breakfast at every unique breakfast restaurant in the greater Sacramento area.

Photo:  Inside, you get a mixture of tables, booths, and a very ample breakfast counter.

Photo:  Our server, Michelle, takes Sarah's order, as husband Matt seems to be still  pondering his breakfast menu choices.  The breakfast menu is huge and it offers something for every breakfast taste.

Waffle Square Country Kitchen is located in an idyllic location, as it's within walking distance of the state capitol, yet it's worlds away, as it offers ample parking, far away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city, and lots of distance from politics.  When you walk into the restaurant, you enter a pure piece of "diner-Americana," as Waffle Square has it all, including a breakfast counter, booths, tables, artifacts stand, and a menu that focuses on breakfast, albeit with lots of burgers and sandwiches on the side for the lunch crowd.  But, at 0830 on a Friday morning, breakfast was out mission, as we gazed at the three pages of breakfast choices on the menu.  It's almost hard to choose what you want to order, since the menu offers a vast array of choices.  Your breakfast choices spread over the spectrum, and range from "plain Jane" choices, such as a plate of pancakes, to a huge choices of skillet dishes, such as the legendary "Farmer's Skillet,"  ... such a vast amount of choice makes it almost hard to choose.  Our friendly waitress, Michelle, kept the coffee mugs full and answered any our breakfast question. In my case, I chose the four egg "Mexican Omelet" and home fried potatoes, and briskets and gravy on the side.  If you're a regular reader to our breakfast reviews, you'll note that most of us choose breakfast and gravy on the side at most of our breakfast meetings.

Dan was basically happy, as the was able to enjoy a glass of tomato juice as an appetizer.  Yes, he did request is usual V8, but Waffle Square, like most restaurants, doesn't offer it.  V8 can be purchased in the grocery store by the case, so what's the point for to make for having it for breakfast?  Just ask Dan, who loves V8 no matter what, and he seems to appreciate it the most if the juice is poured into his tippy mug.  In the meantime, Dan, and the rest of us, enjoyed... coffee... which is the icon drink of the Sacramento Breakfast Club.  Dear readers, I'm not picking on Dan, as he's a dear friend, and a charter member of our club, and the kind of guy/friend who is there when you need him, and would give you the shirt off your back.  Dan and I share a unique fascination, as we're probably the only two people in the greater Sacramento area who are familiar with the small town or Wagontire, Oregon, population 2.  But that's another story...

Photo:  Michelle delivers a plate of scrambled eggs to Sarah.

Photo:  My delicious breakfast of a Mexican omelet, garnished with avocado slices and a dollop of sour cream, complimented by home style potatoes, with lots of onions and peppers, coffee - oh yeah! - and a plate of biscuits and gravy on the side.  I'm hungry just looking at this photo!

Michelle brought our breakfasts to our table in a timely manner.  I ordered a "Mexican Omelet," which consisted of a gigantic four egg omelets, stuffed with chorizo sausage, salsa, guacamole, with a dab of sour cream on top, continued by home fried potatoes - hash brown potatoes are the default offering - and a side dish of briskets and gravy, which is my de facto standard side dish.  Through friendly chatter, I was able to coerce Michelle into snapping a portrait photo of today's Sacramento Breakfast Club.

All I can say is that my breakfast was delicious... delicious.... and delicious.  Ditto for the rest of the club members, as our breakfasts arrived in a timely manner, piping hot, and ready to enjoy.  We marveled at the fresh ingredients, the huge chunks of sausage in the gravy, and the slices of bell peppers and white onions in the potatoes.  As a breakfast lover observation, the potatoes were cooked to a perfect golden brown, and the peppers and onions were cooked, but they weren't mushy or raw, as they were cooked to perfection and totally complimented the wonderful home grilled potatoes.

Photo:  Today's breakfast club members, from left to right:  David DeMario, Bev MacLeod, Sarah Donnely, Matt Donnelly, Eric Rench, your web editor, and Dan MacLeod.  Photo was taken by our friendly server, Michelle, who managed to navigate my digital Fuji camera.  

OK, comments from today's breakfast club members?   ... fantastic... delicious food... lots of food... friendly service ...  reasonable prices...  outstanding.  Forget about some of the bad reviews that have been posted on other web sites, when it comes to breakfast, you can count on members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club for giving an un-biased opinion on a breakfast restaurant, and in our club opinion, Waffle Square a strong contender in the "best breakfast place" in Sacramento.  So, in our humble opinion, Waffle Square Country Kitchen is a highly recommended breakfast restaurant.

Waffle Square Country Kitchen
1825 10th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
916 498-9567

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