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How could we resist no holding a breakfast club meeting at a restaurant, who's menu sports the slogan, "The Best Waffle Ever," and a sign that advertizes "Country Cooking?"  Presisely... we couldn't resist!  Waffle Shop, in Rancho Cordova sports said sayings, so on Friday, August 31, 2012, we held the bi-monthly meeting of the Sacramento Breakfast Club at Waffle Shop.


Photo:  How can you resist a restaurant who's sign proudly reads, "Country cooking?"  We can't... so we enjoyed breakfast at Waffle Shop.


Photo:  Waffle Shop's dining room is interesting, as it is sort of "L-shaped," with lots of booths for four.  Lucky us, as we were seated at a large booth, the comfortably seated the Sacramento Breakfast Club members in comfort.


Photo:  We had the pleasure to be served by Natalie, who was cheerful, efficient, and kept our coffee mugs filled with delicious coffee.


Photo:  I love Polish sausage!  My delicious breakfast of grilled Polish sausage, two fried eggs, over easy, home style potatoes, and a bowl of biscuits and gravy.  Check out Waffle Shop's web site, as they offer printable coupons for a good discount.  I paid full-price for my breakfast, and Sharlene's breakfast was half-price.  Such a sweet deal!


Photo:  Today's members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, from left to right, David Rowland, Dan MacLeod, Bev MacLeod, Mary (last name omitted by her request,) David DeMario, Matt Donnelly, Sharlene Rench, and your webmaster, Eric Rench.  Thanks, Natalie, for taking an outstanding photo!

If you're a regular reader of the adventures of our club, you may recall that we visited Waffle Shop on Watt Avenue back on August 20, 2010.  Yes, the Zinfandel Drive Waffle Shop is a member in a small chain of restaurants, in the San Joaquin and Sacramento Valleys, and yes, we normally avoid chain restaurants, but nothing is etched in stone, and Waffle Shop is the sort of restaurant that the Sacramento Breakfast Club loves, as it offers:

*  Savory food, and lots of it
*  Unlimited refills of delicious coffee
*  Fast, friendly and efficient service
*  Menu catered to the tastes of Central California diners
*  Large portions at a very good price

Waffle Shop, on Zinfandel Drive, is definitely a "keeper" for the members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club!

Waffle Shop
2817 Zinfandel Dr.
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670
916 631-8888

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