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Sometimes you wonder how you manage to pass by a restaurant, and keep telling yourself that you're going to check them out "tomorrow," yet tomorrow never seems to arrive.  Waffle Kings is located a scant two miles from work, and despite the fact that the sign reads, among other things, "Country Kitchen," the Sacramento Breakfast Club just had never had the opportunity to hold a meeting at the place.  All things changed on Friday, December 9, 2011, when we held a club meeting at Waffle Kings, and what a meeting it was...


Photo:  It's a chilly 30 degrees on this early Friday morning in December, as I take a photo of the facade of Waffle Kings, and their catchy sign.  The restaurant offers outside dining, but not surprisingly, nobody was taking advantage of it on this frosty morning.


Photo:  At 0745, we were the only customers in the restaurant, as the dining room was virtually empty.  Photo shows the spacious dining area the restaurant offers, and the open-to-your-view kitchen, located in the center rear of the photo.  If you're partial to booths, you're out of luck, as the restaurant only offers tables.


Photo:  Our friendly server, Irene, takes David's order.  Waffle Kings serves American-style breakfasts in the morning, along with American-style diner cuisine for lunch, but for dinner, they branch out and their offerings include Mexican and Peruvian dishes... gotta go there for dinner some day.  Despite the multi-national flavor, Waffle Kings is dead-serious about breakfast, as breakfast is served all day, whenever the restaurant is open. The decor reflects the multi-national flavor... note the Peruvian and Mexican flags hung on the wall.


Photo:  'Da man, 'da chef... friendly Jaime in his office... the kitchen.  Our order of homestyle potatoes is cooking on the griddle.  Jaime was happy to have his photo taken, and glad to shake my hand.  This guy is not only a nice, friendly person, but he knows how to cook a "mean" breakfast.


Photo:  Our friendly server, Irene, poses with my order of linguica and eggs, and David's order of sausage and eggs.


Photo:  Irene delivers David's order to him at our table.  We sat at a table for six, which was the largest table in the restaurant.  If additional breakfast club members had attended the meeting, it would have been an easy matter to add another table, and the friendly staff would have been more than happy to assist.


Photo:  Today's members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, from left to right:  Gerry Townsend, Betty Townsend, David DeMario, Dan MacLeod, Bev MacLeod and Eric Rench.  Because of earlier scheduling issues, Gerry and Betty arrived late, so their orders arrived a few minutes after the rest of us, hence the fact that their plates are bare.  The sun seems to favor Betty, despite my best efforts to close a curtain, she seems to have sunspot on her face... maybe this is a byproduct of Sun Cycle 24, which is in progress as this article is written.  Note:  Unless you're a ham radio operator, much of what I just posted will probably be gibberish to you.  Excuse me...


Photo:  The menu offers chicken fried steak, but when I placed my order, Irene told me they were out of gravy! What???  Good thing that breakfast club alumnus and past president Brad Holther wasn't attending today's meeting, as without gravy, he'd probably go ballistic.  So what is a chicken fried steak without gravy?  So I went to "Plan B" and ordered linguica, eggs over easy, homestyle potatoes, sourdough toast, and... drum roll... of course... coffee!  Check out the gigantic portion of linguica I received; twice as much as most restaurants serve you.  The homestyle potatoes were cut, as the photo shows, chunky, and they featured dices onions and green peppers.  The meat, potatoes and eggs were cooked perfectly... the chef, Jaime, knows his stuff.  The entrée itself, sans the coffee, was priced at $6.95, which in December 2011, is a bargain.  After the coffee was added to the tab, the bill was change under $9.00... but I just gave Irene a 10-spot and a couple of dollar bills, as she did an outstanding job, and the food was good, and the coffee just kept comin' ...

Waffle Kings is a great place to enjoy breakfast!  The menu offers plenty of choices, the service is fast, friendly and efficient, the dining room is comfortable, and your coffee cup will never run dry.  Of course, we came for the food, and our breakfasts were cooked perfectly, made from fresh ingredients, and were delicious.  The only minor gripes that I have is that Peruvian and Mexican choices are not available for breakfast; when I asked Irene for beans, chorizo, eggs and tortillas, she said that they weren't set up to prepare Mexican food for breakfast, as there isn't enough demand to make the effort worthwhile.  Not to mention that they were out of gravy... but I can live with that, as I simply resort to "Plan B."  If you're in the mood for an outstanding American-style breakfast, as a below-market price, look no further than Waffle Kings.

Waffle Kings
2751 Fulton Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95821
916 488-3555

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