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My buddies and co-workers, David DeMario and Dan MacLeod and I all served in the military in our previous lives, and if you've ever served in any branch of the service, than you most certainly appreciate a good breakfast.  David, Dan and I do, and we like to get together every couple of weeks after work and enjoy a good breakfast, swap lies and generally make pigs out ourselves.  We attempt to sample a different restaurant every time we go, but there are a few places where we return to on a regular basis, and Waffle Square is one of them.

Waffle Square is located at the busy corner of Cottage Way and Fulton Ave. in suburban Sacramento, Ca, in a building that appears to be a remnant of a once-prominent, local restaurant chain that ceased operations a decade ago.  The restaurant is easy to find, easy to get to, and the parking lots has ample space.  

Photo:  Waffle Square, at the corner of Cottage Way and Fulton Ave. in Sacramento.  

Photo:  David and Dan stike a classic pose in front of the restaurant.  Would you want to eat breakfast with the likes of these characters?  I didn't think so...

You walk in through the double glass doors, and you're immediately greeted by the cashier, and a hostess.  At the cashier's station is a white board that lists the specials, which change every couple of hours.  On our last visit, their special consisted of a Denver omelette, homestyle potatoes, eggs and toast for $4.95; such a tempting deal, but we had another dish in mind.  Anyway, with a smile, our friendly hostess seated the three of us at a booth big enough to seat six adults comfortably, which was a very nice touch, as we had lots of room to "spread out."  I may be friends with Dan and Dave, but I don't like to lock arms with them while I'm trying to shovel a delicious breakfast down my throat!

Before we knew it, out cute little waitress came to our booth, and with a smile, placed menus, silverware and glasses of ice water before us.  We told her that we knew what we wanted, but wanted to look over the menu a little.  She asked us is we cared for coffee, and the three of us answered in unison with a resounding "YESSSS!" Remember, we're all ex military...  Two minutes later, we were enjoying some of the best coffee served in Sacramento, from a "bottomless" coffee pot.

Photo:  Inside Waffle Square, looking at the bar.  Note the Kings posters, as our NBA team is wildly popular among Sacramento locals.  

Photo:  Waffle Square's spotless kitchen, as our waitress prepares to bring us our orders.

The name Waffle Square is a but misleading, as the menu does include waffles, but waffles do not appear to be the specially, as the restaurant features a well-rounded breakfast menu that caters to every taste you can imagine. We didn't need menus, as we'd been talking about our upcoming meal all week at work, and all of ordered the exact same meal:  Coffee (we're ex military...) and a Farmer's Skillet.  Our waitress took our orders and our menus and with a parting smile, she made a mad dash to the kitchen.

In less that five minutes, our delicious, piping-hot breakfasts were brought to us.  Less than five minutes!  This is the fastest service that I have ever experienced in a sit-down restaurant, and faster than most fast food joints.

As I mentioned before, the three of us ordered the same thing,  the Farmer's Skillet.  Now you ask, what exactly is a Farmer's Skillet?  OK, start with a large plateful of fried, homestyle potatoes topped with sauteed white onion and bell pepper slices.  Take about 5 links of sausage and cut them into segments about 3/8" to 1/2" long, and place about half of them on the potatoes.  Top the potatoes with a couple of fried eggs over easy, sprinkle a handful of grated cheese over the eggs, and completely cover the entree with delicious breakfast gravy.  Distribute the remaining sausage pieces equally in and around the gravy, and you have a Farmer's Skillet breakfast.  All of us chose buttered sourdough toast as a side dish, which is very useful at the end of the meal to mop up any gravy that escaped our forks.

When you choose a Farmer's Skillet for your breakfast, you only need to bring two things with you: 1) Your appetite, and 2) $6.95.  That's right, for less than $7.00, you'll get a breakfast that will stick to your ribs, and will satisfy the largest of appetites.  The Farmer's Skillet breakfast tastes good, soooooo goooooood... ehhh... correction, it tastes heavenly.  It combines on one plate all of our favorite ingredients for a fine breakfast, it satifies the appetite of a hungry guy who's just completed eight hours slaving away on the night shift, and it is, simply, delicious.  Add in hot, buttered sourdough toast, some of the best coffee in Sacramento, incredibly fast service, and a cute (very important) and friendly waitress, and you have a combination that just can't be beat.  Just ask us, as we're regulars at Waffle Square.

Photo:  Coffee is served, and that brings a smile to our cute waitress and David.  

Photo:  The gang is all smiles as our Famer's Skillet breakfasts are served.  Just looking at our waitress brought smiles to us dirty old men...

Our cute little waitress probably though we were homeless types, as when she came to collect our plates, she giggled and asked us if we enjoyed our meal, and remarked that the dishwasher would have an easy time with our plates.  No wonder, as there was not a speck or a spot of anything left on our plates, and I think we would have eaten our plates if we'd been able to digest them.

Waffle Square does not feature fancy decour, and the Farmer's Skillet doesn't depend on a fancy presentation, but the restaurant's decour is "country-like," pleasant and spotlessly clean, and the food doesn't cater to the "quiche crowd."  If you're looking for fast, efficient, friendly service, good coffee, and outstanding food, served by cute (that's important) waitresses at a rock-bottom price, than Waffle Square is the restaurant for you.  The "Sacramento Breakfast Club" will return soon...

Photo:  Here it is, the delicious Farmer's Skillet breakfast, served hot and ready to go.  As I snapped the photo, I was drooling in anticipation.  This breakfast is delicious and HUGE!

Waffle Square Country Kitchen
2107 Fulton Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95825
916 486-9512

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