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Friday, February 3, 2012, was the third time that we've held a breakfast club meeting at Venita Rhea's, but every time at Venita Rhea's is a dining experience, as Venita's serves as good of a breakfast as a diner could hope to enjoy...


Photo:  On this chilly, 35-degree Friday, February 3, 2012, we didn't exactly like dining outdoors, although Venita Rhea's offers outside, patio dining.  Photo is of the facade of Venita Reah's fine restaurant... it's open for breakfast and lunch only, and that waves a green flag in our eyes.


Photo:  Our friendly server, and order taker, Michelle,  takes Sean's order.  Note the hand-painted murals on the wall... which adds to Venita Rhea's family-friendly decor.


Photo:  I asked our friendly server Patty to pose this photograph, as I love bring-to-the-table photographs.  Yes, she's holding my breakfast of meatloaf, potatoes, eggs and toast, and she has a smile on her face.  


Photo:  It's lights... camera... action!  Michelle presents David's order, but I guess my digital camera can't keep up with her speed, as she delivers David's order to our table, and blurrs my photo.


Photo:  Patty delivers Sean's order of steak, scrambled eggs, and more, as Gerry and Bev watch in anticipation of their breakfasts, soon to be delivered.


Photo:  I just "had" to photograph Dan's "healthy" breakfast.  OK, health nuts aside, I guess his steak-ham weighed a half of a pound, but the weight of his ham steak was balanced by the fact that he ordered only one slice of sourdough bread - hold the butter, please - two fried eggs, and instead of fried potatoes - which Dan adores - instead of potatoes, Dan enjoyed a healthy breakfast, which featured sliced tomatoes on the side.  Note the perfect grill marks on Dan's ham steak.  Note:  Ham steak is really a piece of ham that's cut, like a steak.  Ham steak is, as of this writing, a "California thing," but I'm sure the message will spread to other states....  As an aside to the ex-members of our club, who are enjoying breakfast in Georgia... "Eat your heart out!!!"


Photo:  I walked into Venita Rhea's expecting to order hot links from the menu... but I ordered meatloaf!  How could you resist Venita Rhea's meatloaf, as they give you a HUGE slice of it, and the meat is wrapped in bacon, and topped with beef gravy and sliced mushrooms.  I repeat... how could resist this breakfast?  I also opted for home style fried potatoes, fried eggs, over easy, and sourdough toast.  Oh yes!  The meatloaf was covered in chopped mushrooms and gravy, and it was wrapped in slices of bacon.  Does meatloaf, or life in general, get any better than this?  Needless to say, my breakfast of meatloaf and eggs was delicious... As the great artist, Meatloaf sang, "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad..."


Photo:  Today's members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club pose for the camera, as Patty, gracefully takes our club photo.  From left, to right: Sean McCloud, Bev MacLeod, Dan MacLeod, Eric Rench, David DeMario, Betty Townsend, Gerry Townsend, and Teri McCloud.

Venita Rhea's is as good as it gets, as the food is good, the portions are GIANT-SIZED - check out the photos - and the people are super-nice, and friendly.  Today's servers, Michelle and Patty, know us from previous breakfast club visits, and greeted us with with open arms, and made us feel like family.  Venita Rhea's is open for breakfast and lunch only... so Venita takes breakfast seriously.  Seriously, they serve a "serious" breakfast, worthy of a meeting place for the Sacramento Breakfast Club.

Venita Rhea's
4415 Granite Dr. #1500
Rocklin, CA 95677
916 624-2697

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