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If you're a regular reader of the adventures of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, you've undoubtedly noted that we don't confine our meetings to our namesake city, as we roam the entire region in search of the perfect breakfast, and occasional road trips are included on our breakfast menu.  On Friday, September 2, 2011, it was Gerry and Betty's turn to choose the meeting location, and they asked if a road trip to the foothill town of Auburn was alright?  Of course Auburn worked right into the grand scheme of breakfast... and today's meeting was held at Sweetpeas.


Photo:  Sweetpea's is located at the corner of Bowman and Luther Road in the beautiful foothill town of Auburn, CA, in a small shopping center, not far from Interstate 80.  Although the restaurant is within sight of the freeway, it's not a truck stop, as it's more of a destination of choice for the Auburn locals, and folks like us, who are "in the know..."


Photo:  Sweetpea's features a large, spacious dining room that's very clean, comfortable and family-friendly. There are no booths, and there isn't a breakfast counter, but there are plenty of tables to choose from, and if you have a larger party, like the Sacramento Breakfast Club, the friendly staff will be more than happy to move tables together to accommodate your group.  Note the collection of mugs on the wall; our waiter told us that all the mugs have been donated by customers.  


Photo:  Our super friendly server, Rolando, takes Dan's order. Rolando not only provided superior service, but he kept us entertained... this guy could qualify for a stand-up comic.


Photo:  Dan seems to be thinking, "Is this for real?" ... and he had a lot of company, as Rolando demonstrates how he pours a cup of coffee.  He holds the coffee pot in his right hand, picks up a coffee mug with his left hand, tosses it in the air, and the mug twirls around a couple of times before he catches it.  Then, he holds the coffee pot next to the mug, starts to pour coffee, and quickly moves the mug down, the pot up, at the same time.  We watched him perform this act multiple times for our group, and for the other diners, and we never saw him spill a drop of coffee.  Folks, this photo is real, and I'm not making this up!  Rolando has talent!


Photo:  Rolando brings some of our orders to our table.  The entrance to the kitchen can be seen behind the waitress, and the collection of customer-supplied coffee mugs can be seen on the wall.  Sweetpea's is open for breakfast and lunch only, so you know they're serious about breakfast.  Their breakfast menu offers a vast amount of choices, including a few south-of-the-border choices, and I almost ordered their bacon-wrapped steak breakfast... almost.


Photo:  Today's club members, from left to right:  Dan MacLeod, Bev MacLeod, Betty Townsend, Gerry Townsend, Sharlene Rench, Eric Rench and Robert Kipperman.  Thanks, Rolando, for taking the photo!


Photo:  I had heard about the corned beef breakfast served at Sweetpea's, but I couldn't find it on the menu, so I asked Rolando about it, and he said it was available.  This is not corned beef hash, and I've never seen corned beef served this way before, and I'll try to describe this as best as I can.  OK, the main entrée starts out with a base of homestyle potatoes, then diced corned beef is placed on the potatoes, fried eggs top the dish, garnished by diced green onions.  The breakfast comes with a healthy serving of fruit, toast or English muffin - I chose sourdough - and, if you want, a complimentary bowl of in-house made salsa.  Rolando pointed out that the corned beef is cooked in a crock pot for 15 hours, and I believe him, as the meat was flavorful, tender, and not at all salty, which is a rarity for corned beef hash.  Look at the beautiful presentation... if I could only post the delicious taste and the wonderful smell on the web ... this breakfast was divine!  Unless you're a lumberjack or a linebacker, the portions are just right, as you'll leave satisfied, but you won't feel bloated.

Sweetpeas has an Auburn breakfast institution since 1985, and we can understand why, as the food is delicious, the portions are just, the staff is super friendly, the price is reasonable, and the decor is clean, comfortable, family-friendly, and almost makes you feel like you were dining at grandma's place.  The antics of the waiters are alone worth the price of admission... Breakfast at Sweetpeas is worth the drive from Sacramento... or anywhere else!

13498 Luther Rd.
Auburn, CA 95608
530 823-1818

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