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How can members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club resist a restaurant with a name like Susie's Country Oaks Café?  It's simple... we can't, especially when the word country is inserted into the name of a restaurant, as that 7-letter word implies that the restaurant has everything we love, including:

*  Biscuits and gravy
*  Home style potatoes
*  Comfortable, folksy decor
*  Caters to the taste of the locals
*  Large portions
*  Country cookin'

Photo:  Susie's Country Oaks Café is located in a small strip mall, not far busy Interstate 80.  They feature limited outdoor dining, but that's not an option on this chilly, foggy January morning.

Susie's Country Oaks Café meets all of the above requirements, plus a lot more plus, they're open for breakfast and lunch only.  Yeah!  You know they serve a great breakfast...

Indeed, they serve a great breakfast, as their menu feature practically any breakfast entrée that a breakfast lover could want.  We were especially impressed that their menu features many items that have Mexican origins, such as burritos, Mexican-style scrambles, and a dish called Huevos Susie.  The array of choices is almost bewildering, but those are the sort of choices that the members of our club love.

Photo:  Our friendly waitress, Amanda, takes our orders, as Weldon and David ponder their many choices.  Brian appears to be looking over Weldon's shoulder, offering him a suggestion...  Note the railroad mural that is panted on the wall in the background.

Photo:  Amanda delivers Marks breakfast.  More of the interesting decor can be seen in the background of the photo.

Susie's was a very busy restaurant on Friday morning, January 9, 2009, as the main dining room was filled with customers, and the friendly staff was busy doing what they do best:  Preparing delicious breakfasts, and providing superior customer service.  We were impressed with the decor of the restaurant, as its decorated with murals depicting the history of Roseville and Placer County, with a heavy emphasis on Roseville's railroad heritage.  As a lover of trains, I always find that sort of decor appealing.

Photo:  Pass the Tabasco sauce...  how about the salt... it's boarding house reach at our table, and every guy for himself.

Our friendly waitress, Amanda, seated us in a semi-private dining room, as the main dining room is composed mostly of booths that can comfortably seat 6 people, and today there were 8 of us.  Actually, it was sort of nice, as it was much quieter, and we could joke, laugh, tell off-color jokes, and do all the crazy things that eight male telephone company employees do when they're off the job.  Amanda started us off with coffee, except for Weldon, of course, as he's a tomato juice sort of guy, which blends perfectly well with his love of ketchup.  After we placed our orders, she kept the coffee pouring, as our cups never went below the half-empty mark, or was it the half-full mark?  One small item that we really appreciated was that Country Oaks doesn't rely on those little plastic cups of Half and Half, as they have real cream in a small pitcher so you can pour the exact amount of cream into your coffee, and you never have to asked the waitress to bring more of those little containers of mystery cream. Sometimes, it's the little details that make a restaurant stand out from the pack.

Photo:  The breakfast counter and kitchen, as the busy staff fills breakfast orders.  After snapping this photo, I heard one of the gentlemen in the foreground remark, "I'm gonna call my lawyer."  Dude!  I just made you famous!

Photo:  My delicious breakfast of country fried steak, two perfectly cooked eggs over easy, home style potatoes, a side of biscuits and gravy, and a mug of delicious coffee.  The sausage gravy was out-of-this-world!

Service is fast, as Amanda brought our orders to us in what seemed like only a few minutes after placing them. Each of us ordered something different from the vast array of choices offered on their breakfast menu, but each of or orders had three things in common:  a) biscuits and gravy (Yeah!) b) eggs (duh?)  c) country style potatoes.  So much delicious food, so little money spent, such fine service, and such delicious food!  Everyone of us raved at the country style potatoes, as they were perfectly cooked chunks of red potatoes, that were tasty, but not spicy or hot in any way.  They weren't crispy brown on the outside, as they were soft, but not mushy, and totally delicious.  

Photo:  Today's Sacramento Breakfast Club members, from left to right:  Eric Rench, your webmaster, author and photographer, Dan MacLeod, David DeMario, Mark MacIntire, Weldon Lee, Brian Gardiner, Matt Donnelly and Brad Holther, tightly gripping his coffee cup.  Matt is the newest member of our club, welcome, Matt!  Amanda graciously took the photo.

Susie's Country Oaks Café is the sort of restaurant that we love, as the food is delicious, the service is excellent, the prices are reasonable, the decor is comfortable, and the staff are friendly, nice people.  Great food, great people; a truly great restaurant!

Susie's Country Oaks Café
500-G Cirby Way
Roseville, CA 95678
916 786-0274

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