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This was not an "official" meeting of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, but rather a lets-go-out-to-breakfast venture, which is not unusual for us, when I have a day off from work.  Today was special, as our oldest daughter, Jacquie Bower was visiting us for Christmas, so why not start the Christmas week off early by enjoying a delicious breakfast at Susie's Country Oaks Café?   So Jacquie, Sharlene and I enjoyed a delicious breakfast on the rainy Friday morning of December 17, 2010.

Photo:  Susie's has two locations in Roseville; we sampled the location on Cirby Way.  Susie's is located in a rather unimpressive strip mall that is quite modern and very safe.

Photo:  Susie's breakfast counter, and kitchen to the left of the photo, with a small portion of the railroad-theme mural visible to the right of the photo.  The mural is painted on the walls, and is very attractive.  Roseville started out as a railroad town, and it's original name was "Junction," but as of 2010, Roseville has grown far beyond it's railroad roots... however, the railroad is still in town, and a major employer in the area.

Photo:  Our waitress Sonya takes Jacquie's order of a "Ranch Hand" breakfast, of hash brown potatoes, two eggs over easy, and wheat toast.  Sounds good to me...

Photo:  Sonya poses with Jacquie's order of breakfast. It's almost Christmas, it's rainy in Roseville, and Sony's shirt reflects the spirit of the season.  It was good to come inside, out of the rain, and enjoy a delicious breakfast.

Photo:  Today's "irregular" members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, from left to right:  Sharlene Rench, Eric Rench, and Jacquie Bower.  We're family... thanks to friendly Sonya for snapping the photo.  Sharlene ordered biscuits and gravy as a side... bringing out the "cave person" side of her.

Photo:  How can I resist linguica and eggs?  My breakfast order of linguica and eggs, home style potatoes, eggs over easy, coffee, and a bowl with a biscuit in it, covered with Susie's delicious country gravy.  This is not only a filling breakfast, but it's a breakfast to die for!

Susie's Country Oaks Café
500-G Cirby Way
Roseville, CA 95678
916 786-0274

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