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Sammy's Restaurant is a Sacramento landmark, and its been serving fine meals from the same location since 1944.  Friday, February 9, 2007 the Sacramento Breakfast Club desided to pay Sammy's a visit, since we rationed that since they've been in business for that long, they must be doing something right.

Left:  Sammy's Restaurant has been at the same location since 1944.   Right:  As you enter Sammy's, you'll be greeted with a counter, as you'd expect from a 1960's era restaurant.  The place is friendly and cozy.

Sammy's Restaurant favorite hang-out for local residents, as the staff is friendly, the food is great, and the prices are reasonable.  You won't be eating next to the movie stars and politicians that frequent the restaurants in downtown Sacramento, but you'll rub shoulders with truck drivers, utility workers, tradespeople of every type, and many friendly, local folks.  If you're a resident of Sammy's North Sacramento neighborhood, you'll probably run into someone you know when you walk in the door.

If you're looking for fancy decor, Sammy's isn't your kind of place, but if you're looking for a place that's clean, comfortable and friendly, Sammy's will suit you fine.  They have a big counter with the kitchen right behind it, and a mixture of booths and tables, and some that are a combination of both, which is a nice touch.  The decor reminds me of a "family-style" restaurant, circa 1967, as there are few touches to indicate that the year is really 2007.  They even have one of those machines that contains trinkets for you to attempt to grab, manoeuvring through the pile of trinkets with one of those robotic arms, all for the price of a quarter and a smile.  My kind of place!  Also, Sammy's is very informal, as you walk in and you seat yourself.

Left:  Teresa serves David his mouth-watering Country Breakfast.  Right:  David and Dan pose for my digital camera, reflecting the best that a breakfast at Sammy's Restaurant can offer.

We chose a combination booth/table and seated ourselves, and we immediately were brought menus, by our friendly and charming waitress, Teresa, who told us that she's been working at Sammy's for 5 years.  She also told us that many members of the staff have worked at Sammy's for many years, and she was proud to point out that the cook has been in the kitchen for 30 years! Naturally we ordered coffee and ice water, and we were soon savoring their delicious coffee and contemplating the many choices from their breakfast menu.  I settled on the special of the day,  the Country Scramble, while Dan chose The Lumberjack and David chose the Country Breakfast.  It wasn't easy, as Sammy's has so many delicious items to choose from, but a guy has to do what a guy must do...

Service is fast, friendly, efficient, but not intrusive.  If you like coffee, you've come the right place at Sammy's Restaurant, as its delicious and your cup will never get less than half full, as the staff is very attentive, and seem to be proud of what they do.

Left:  Check out the size of the link sausages on Dan's Lumberjack Breakfast!  They're simply, well...  HUGE!  Right: My Country Scramble breakfast is both filling and attractive.  Check out the huge pieces of sausage in the gravy. Mmmmmm... good!

When our orders arrived, it was an Oh Boy! moment, as we were hungry from a hard night's work, and were eagerly anticipating the arrival of our meal.  Dan's Lumberjack meal featured three of the largest sausage links that I'd ever seen, and David's Country Breakfast arrived with a huge mound of potatoes, which puts a huge smile on David's face, as he loves potatoes.  My Country Scramble breakfast consisted of biscuits, topped with sausage, scrambled eggs and covered in sausage gravy that featured large chunks of sausage.  Health food it isn't, but it sure is good!

Left:  This gentleman has been cooking fine food at Sammy's Restaurant for 30 years.  He's somewhat camera shy.  Right:  Friendly Teresa checks out a customer, as the 30-year cook labors in the kitchen.  These folks know what to do, as its readilly noticed that their experience pays off in Sammy's dining experience.

Oh yes, about our meals.  The three of us have eaten at many restaurants in the Sacramento area, and all of raved about the delicious breakfast we enjoyed at Sammy's.  The food is delicious, the presentation is attractive, the service is fast, efficient and friendly, and the place is comfortable.  We'll be back to Sammy's Restaurant in the future.

Sammy's Restaurant is highly recommended by The Sacramento Breakfast Club.  Bon Appetit, or Buen Provecho!

Sammy's Restaurant
2021 Del Paso Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95815
916 925-6747

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