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For the last meeting of the year 2013, and our customary Christmas Eve meeting of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, we chose to meet at one of favorite restaurants: Rivers Edge Caf and Espresso Bar.

Photo:  Tuesday, Christmas Eve, December 24, 2013, the spacious outdoor seating was empty, due to the chilly temperature, but the restaurant was very busy inside.

Photo:  On this Tuesday morning, Rivers Edge Caf was a very busy restaurant, as the dining room was nearly full.

Photo:  Our friendly server, Stephanie, takes our orders.  We had quite a large turnout today, which is always welcome, especially on Christmas Eve.  A peek into the kitchen can be seen to the upper extreme left of the photo, and none other than co-owner, Tony Park is busy, cooking an order.

Photo:  Our charming and friendly server, Stephanie, delivers Teri's order with a smile.

Photo:  Today's members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, from left to right:  Sharlene Rench, Teri McCloud, Zoe Sutherland, Chad Sutherland, Sara Donnelly, Matt Donnelly, Nichole Donnelly, Amber Donnelly, Tessa McCloud, Sean McCloud, Eric Rench and Tony Godsey.  Quite a large group on this beautiful Christmas Eve!

Photo:  So, you ask, what is a Hangover II breakfast?  Glad you asked, as it's the Hangover, with a couple of eggs added, cooked any way you like them, in my case, fried, over easy.  So you start with two in-house made biscuits, and cover them with creamy, delicious, sausage gravy.  Delicious.  However, it gets better, as you add a order of stuffed hash brown potatoes.  Stuffed hash brown potatoes start out as a giant order of hash brown potatoes, which are pre-cooked on the griddle.  Diced sausage, bacon, cheese and sour cream is added, then the potatoes are folded over, and grilled to perfection, and a golden brown.  Top all this goodness with a couple of fried eggs, and you have the Hangover II, which is a breakfast that will keep breakfast lovers coming back forever.  

Thanks to the great food, the friendly service, the comfortable decor, and the charming owner and hosts, Tony and Shannen Park, Rivers Edge Caf and Espresso Bar, is, and will continue to be a favorite meeting spot of the Sacramento Breakfast Club.

Rivers Edge Caf and Espresso Bar
8740 La Rivera Dr.
Sacramento, CA 95826
916 362-2221
www. riversedgecafeonline.com

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