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Pacific Street Café, located in historic downtown Roseville, has everything that members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club look for in a meeting place, including location... local-flavor menu selection, delicious food, friendly staff, ample portions, local ownership, excellent value, and... need I say more?  With all those qualifications in mind, we chose to hold our meeting of Friday, July 22, 2011 at Pacific Street Café, and we enjoyed a great meeting, and an outstanding breakfast.


Photo:  Pacific Street Café is located in "old town" Roseville, which translates to the west side of the railroad tracks.  The City of Roseville has spent millions of dollars sprucing up the city core, and the effort show, as the area around Pacific Street Café is clean, landscaped and is a nice place to visit.


Photo:  Our friendly server, Julie, takes Toni's order.  Since we were a large party, we were seated in the "semi-private" dining room adjacent to the main dining room.


Photo:  If you like trains, both real and model, Pacific Street Café is a good place to enjoy breakfast,  as you're next door to Union Pacific's massive Roseville rail yard, and you have large scale railroad models to admire, as you enjoy your breakfast.  As you walk in, a large scale "Challenger" model locomotive greets you... as you dine, you get to watch a train crawl around the ceiling.  After you've enjoyed a delicious breakfast, and you still have the appetite to watch a hi-tech railroad in action, all you have to do is to step outside,  cross the street, and you have a trackside view of U.P.R.R. in action.


Photo:  Our friendly server, Julie, places Toni's order of eggs benedict on the table, as I do what I do:  Snap a photo.


Photo:  Bev seems quite interested as Julie places David's side order of bacon on the table.  Julie was both friendly and efficient, yet not at all intrusive.  


Photo:  My order of tri-tip steak for breakfast... yes!!!!   Oh yes, delicious home style potatoes, and I have to add, the potatoes were the kind of potatoes that my grandmother used to make back in the days back when... the potatoes were simply delicious!  Along with the tri-tip and potatoes, I enjoyed two fried eggs, over easy, a side dish of gravy, and sourdough toast.  Such a delicious breakfast!


Photo:  Members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, on this Friday, July 22, 2011, left to right... Toni Fenton, Mike Casella, Eric Rench, Sharlene Rench, Dan MacLeod, Bev MacLeod and David DeMario.  

If you love to watch trains, you're in luck, as Pacific Street Café features a large-scale model train, that rides the model rails located near the ceiling; the model trail even sports the defunct Southern Pacific Railroad - the previous owner of the "real" railroad located next door, before being purchased by Union Pacific Railroad - so as you enjoy your breakfast, you can watch the model train in action.  If you're interested in the "real deal," Union Pacific's massive Roseville rail yard, and their main line over the Sierras, is located just outside the front door of the restaurant, and the City of Roseville has even erected a elevated platform to provide an excellent vantage point to view the railroad in action.  If you want to mix railroad action and great food, than Pacific Street Café is your place to enjoy breakfast.

Railroad action aside, Pacific Street Café is the sort of restaurant that we, and a large number of Roseville locals, keep coming back to, for good reason:  Good food, good service, good value, and good everything.

Pacific Street Café
301 Lincoln St.
Roseville, CA 95678
916 782-5673

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