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Back in May, 2008, we had the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful breakfast at Pacific Street Café, and for the past 10 months, we've been telling ourselves that we needed to pay a encore visit to the restaurant, as we're always in the mood to sample more entrées from their menu, and write additional reviews.  The problem is that the Sacramento area contains soooooo many wonderful restaurants that serve breakfast that's it's difficult to schedule a return engagement - the phrase "so many restaurants, so little time" definitely applies here.  Friday, April 3, 2009 it was Matt's turn to choose the restaurant, and since he's one of our newer members, he hadn't had the opportunity to visit Pacific Street Café, so when he announced that it was his choice for today's meeting, the rest of us responded with a resounding YESSSSS!

Photo:  Pacific Street Cafe is located in a quiet section of "Old Town" Roseville, next to the railroad tracks.  I'm standing on a raised platform that the city has erected that provides a great view of the busy railroad yard.

Pacific Street Café is in "Old Town" Roseville, on the west side of the railroad tracks, in a newly-revitalized section of historic Roseville.  The city has spent tons of money on sprucing up this formerly blighted area by re-engineering and re-aligning the streets, upgrading the sidewalks, street lamps and other improvements, and have planted lots of trees and bushes.  The city has really done a nice job, and the area is now full of thriving, small businesses, and is a pleasant place to wander about and enjoy the historic downtown area.  Pacific Street Café is located at the corner of Lincoln and Pacific Street, which puts it right in the heart of historic Roseville, and it's located next to the Union Pacific Railroad tracks.

Photo:  This is what the restaurant looks like as you walk in the door.  Additional seating is to the left, and the banquet room is to the right.  The kitchen is at the rear... notice the large model train near the ceiling.

When you walk into Pacific Street Café, you'll notice that the decor is modern, yet it's made to look old-fashioned, and it reflects Roseville's railroad heritage.  A little Roseville history:  Roseville started out as a railroad town for the defunct Southern Pacific Railroad, as the town it located at a strategic railroad junction, and is situated at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, which comes in handy when the railroad has to fight the winter snow. Roseville has one of the largest railroad yards in the west, and although there have been many changes in the railroad industry since the founding of the town, the railroad still remains one of the largest employers in the area. So it is quite appropriate that Pacific Street Café features railroad decor, complete with a large model train that negotiates and endless loop of track around the perimeter of the restaurant.

Photo:  Tammy poses for my camera with a plate of corned beef hash, as Matt admires the fine job that she's doing.

I had the day off work, so I arrived early, as I like to "scope out" a restaurant, pick a good seat for photos, enjoy multiple cups of coffee, and get to know the staff a bit before the other club members arrive.  Today we were expecting a large showing of eight members, so I was seated in the banquet room, at a table large enough for at least a couple dozen diners.  I had the room to myself, so I simply pulled out my Blackjack 2 and surfed the Internet, and enjoyed multiple cups of coffee until the other club members arrived.  Our delightful hostess, Tammy, was very happy to keep my coffee cup full.

Photo:  Tammy brings Dan his breakfast... club members don't wait, as we like to dig in, and get it while the gettin's good...

Pacific Street Café is an excellent choice for breakfast, as the restaurant is only open for breakfast and lunch, and the menu features two pages of breakfast choices, and the choices include practically anything that a breakfast could want.  One entrée on the menu that really caught our attention was Tri-tip steak and eggs... how often do you see Tri-top offered for breakfast?  Several of today's members ordered Tri-tip, but I couldn't resist the lure of a Chicken Fried Steak, covered with delicious country gravy.  Oh by the way, during last year's visit, I ordered Tri-tip steak and eggs, so I've had some experience in the matter...

Photo:  Today's Sacramento Breakfast Club members, from left to right:  Eric Rench, photographer, author and web master, Brian Gardiner, Brad Holther, Mark McIntire, Dan MacLeod, David DeMario, and Matt Donnelly.  Note shown is Bev MacLeod, who was hiding behind David.

Photo:  I managed to tear myself away from my breakfast to snap this existing light photo of our group, enjoying breakfast in the banquet room.  We had the room all to ourselves... Note the model train near the top of the photo.

Simply stated, Pacific Street Café serves an outstanding breakfast.  The presentation is delightful, the portions are large, and the food arrives hot from the kitchen, and perfectly cooked.  My Chicken Fried Steak was covered with thick, delicious country gravy, and the batter was fried to a crispy, golden brown, with just enough seasoning to give it a little "kick," but not enough to offend sensitive taste buds.  The Home Fries were cooked to a golden brown on the outside, yet nice and chewy on the inside, and my eggs over easy arrived that way - over easy - with the yolks intact, just the way I like them.  On the side, I ordered my usual, a biscuit covered in gravy, and it was delicious, as the biscuit was light and fluffy, and the gravy with thick, delicious, and had lots of pieces of sausage in it.  The members who ordered Tri-tip steak and eggs raved about their breakfasts as well, as everything was cooked to perfection.

Photo:  My delicious breakfast of biscuits and gravy, eggs over easy, Home Fries, and a Chicken Fried Steak, covered with country gravy.  Delicious!

Combine comfortable surroundings, a family-friendly restaurant, delicious food, and thoughtful, attentive service, you can see why the Sacramento Breakfast Club wanted to pay an encore visit to Pacific Street Café... and you will too.

After breakfast, as we were doing our customary after breakfast post mortem, I asked Matt what he thought of the restaurant.  He loved it!   We're all in complete agreement, as all of us love Pacific Street Café!  Highly recommended by members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club.

Pacific Street Café
310 Lincoln Street
Roseville, CA 95678
916 782-5673

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