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The Purple Place Bar and Grill has been an El Dorado Hills icon since the mid-1950’s, and a favorite hangout of the locals.  The restaurant is quite appropriately named, as the exterior of large building is painted a bright purple, which really makes it stand out in the crowd.  Yes, the exterior of the building is really painted purple, which makes the building nearly impossible to miss.  If it’s dark, just look for the bright neon sign that lights the way.

Photo:  The Purple Place is appropriately named, as it's painted purple.  It offers friendly indoor dining in sports bar-like atmosphere, and patio dining on the shady veranda.  It's 0900 on Friday, July 6, 2012, and we're ready to enjoy a great breakfast!

The Purple Place bills itself as the original roadhouse of El Dorado Hills, and it wears many hats, including the hat of a sports bar, restaurant and the neighborhood hangout, much like the television show Cheers, sans the intimate décor.  When you enter the restaurant part of the building, you’ll notice the large breakfast bar, with the kitchen behind it.  It sort of sticks out into the dining room, and is quite striking.  There are quite a few flat screen televisions mounted on the walls, along with murals and photos.  The room is furnished with a mixture of tables and booths, and the seating is very flexible, as tables can be moved together to readily accommodate a large group, like ours.  The décor is very modern, comfortable and family-friendly.  If the dining room doesn’t interest you, the restaurant offers covered, patio dining, outside on the front porch.  On a delightful day, such as today, it would have been pleasant to dine outside, but as a breakfast reporter, I wanted to dine inside, so I could get an “insider’s view” or the restaurant for this write-up.

Photo:  Our friendly server, Ann, who we've met before, takes our orders.  Purple Place offers printed menus, but you can also preview the menu from their fine web site.

Photo:  I'm a sucker to photograph a breakfast bar, and to watch the staff pick up orders from the window to the kitchen.  A portion of our order is waiting for Ann to bring to our table.

The Purple Place has a very extensive breakfast menu, with something for every taste.  Of special note, the breakfast menu includes a wine and beer list, which got a laugh out of the group. Even at 0900 on this Friday morning I was tempted to order a beer, but since I was driving, and since I had to be at work in the afternoon, beer wasn't an option, so I settled for a bottomless cup of their delicious coffee.

Friday morning must be a popular time for El Dorado Hills locals to enjoy breakfast, as the restaurant was quite full, but it didn’t seem crowded or packed.  While waiting for our orders to arrive, we caught up on old times; after all, it had been exactly seven days since we’d held our last club meeting, and a lot can happen to breakfast fans in seven days.  Thanks to the attentive service of Ann, our coffee mugs never went below the half-full mark, which is definitely a benchmark of good service in a breakfast restaurant.  The only nit that I can pick is that it was a tad loud inside, which made conversation a bit difficult at times, but after all, it’s a sports bar, and any sports bar worthy of the title should be a bit on the loud side.

Photo:  Ann brings a portion of our order to the table.  She's holding my breakfast of linguica and eggs in her right hand... I can hardly wait!

Photo:  The Purple Place offers a wide selection of breakfast choices, and my choice today was linguica, home style potatoes, three eggs, fried over easy, and sourdough toast.  Why didn't I order a bowl of gravy on the side, like I usually do?  Oh well, the breakfast was good...

Our breakfasts arrived in a timely manner, hot and fresh from the kitchen, by our friendly and efficient server, Ann.  Breakfast is good at The Purple Place!  My three eggs over easy were cooked perfectly – which is always an effective yardstick to just the skill of the breakfast chef – and the country potatoes were perfectly browned on the outside, and chewy on the inside, and were not pre-salted, which is a nice touch, as I prefer to add salt to my preference. The Purple Place serves a great breakfast...

Photo:  Today's members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, from left to right... Pete, seated wearing red, Ernie, standing, Robert, seated, Ed, standing, wearing maroon, Glenda, Eric and Sharlene.  Thanks to our server Ann for taking this great group photo.

The Purple Place serves a great breakfast, in a fun, sports bar-like atmosphere and presents a good value for your dollar, as the servings are ample, the wait staff is friendly and efficient, and the place is just plain fun, and it’s a restaurant that the Sacramento Breakfast Club endorses.  No wonder they’ve been serving great breakfasts since 1955...

The Purple Place Bar and Grill
363 Green Valley Road
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
916 933-2313

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