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The Purple Place Bar and Grill is a unique place to hold a breakfast club meeting, as the restaurant is basically a sports bar/roadhouse combination.  You walk in and the first thing you notice is the huge breakfast bar, with the kitchen that extends into the dining room, and the full service bar, which is one of the best bars in the area, and serves every variety of mixed drink that you can imagine.  If that isn't enough, you can rest your eyes on any of the seven big-screen hi-def TV's hung on the walls, tuned to whatever big-name game is being played at the moment. Yes, it's pure sports bar, yet The Purple Place Bar and Grill is unique among spots bars, as they're open for breakfast, and their breakfast makes the members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club come back for seconds.

Photo:  The Purple Place Bar and Grill is pretty distinctive, and it features outdoor dining on the veranda, and on the patio in back.

Photo:  If you're a lover of breakfast, the first thing that you'll notice as you walk in the door is the gigantic breakfast counter.  The kitchen is behind the counter - you can see kitchen staff placing plates of food on the shelf - ready for the wait staff to bring to the table.  Note the Hi-def television monitor in the upper right hand corner of the photo.

Photo:  The main dining room features mirrors and a large mural on one wall.  Our table is in the right rear of the photo, and our friendly waitress, Ann, is handing Sharon a menu.

Photo:  Ann takes Sharon's order of, what else?  .... pancakes!  The mirror reflects the photographer practicing his craft.

Photo:  Add delivers a plate of toast to the table, as Sharon practices her boarding-house reach in her quest for the perfect glass of ice water.  

Photo;  My delicious breakfast of grilled Cajun sausage, three perfectly cooked eggs, over easy, hash brown potatoes, and a cup of some of the best coffee that El Dorado Hills has to offer.  

Photo:  Today's members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, from left to right:  Bev MacLeod, Dan MacLeod, Charly Malsbury, Jim Angelo, Sharon Angelo, David DeMario and Eric Rench.  Not shown in the photo are Matt and Sara Donnelly.

Not only does the Purple Place Bar and Grill serve a delicious breakfast, but they offer a fun, friendly place to enjoy your breakfast, and a place to meet the El Dorado Hills locals, as the restaurant is a hangout for the locals. The food is great, the prices are reasonable, the service is excellent and the portions are large.  We love The Purple Place Bar and Grill!

The Purple Place Bar and Grill
363 Green Valley Rd.
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
916 933-2313

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