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For the last 15 years that we've lived in the Roseville area, I've driven down Watt Avenue on my way to work, and I've passed the Pancake Palace Restaurant practically every day, but for some reason, I'd never eaten at the restaurant.  I'd heard great things about the place, and it always seemed to be filled with customers, but for some reason, I'd just never stopped in.  Everything changed on Friday, April 2, 2010 when it was DeAnn's turn to choose the location of the club meeting, and for today's meeting, she chose Pancake Palace.

Photo:  Pancake Palace Restaurant is located in a 1970's style building, along busy Watt Ave. in North Highlands, CA, which is an unincorporated suburb of Sacramento.

Prior to today's meeting, DeAnn had pointed out to me that she "thought" the menu included S.O.S., so a visit to Pancake Palace definitely had my attention.  Sharon and I had looked at a partial posting of their menu on the Internet, but we didn't see any mention of S.O.S.  Whatever the case, I was eagerly anticipating today's club meeting...

As per my usual practice, I was the vanguard of the group.  The first thing I noticed was the sign on the door that gives the hours the restaurant is open:  Sunday through Tuesday they're open for breakfast and lunch only, and they're open for breakfast, lunch and dinner Wednesday through Sunday.  So before I'd even entered the restaurant, I knew that they must be serious about breakfast.  Anyway, as I walked in the front door, I was greeted by a gal behind the register, who invited me to sit anywhere I wanted, but I told her that I was simply the first in a party of twelve or so hungry breakfast lovers.  She asked me if I was with AT&T... how'd she guess?  I asked her how she knew... she said that a gal had stopped by the day before and made reservations.  That's DeAnn for you, as she's a very organized and thorough person.  I was shown to a large table to the rear of the restaurant that was already set and waiting for today's breakfast club meeting.

Photo:  The breakfast counter and kitchen at Pancake Palace.  A portion of our breakfasts have just been set on the shelf, as the waitress hurries to bring them to the table.  After I snapped the photo, I made my way quickly back to our table.

Pancake Palace Restaurant is definitely the kind of restaurant favored by members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, as it's a local, one-of-a-kind, non-chain restaurant, that caters to the taste of the locals, and is a hang-out for the locals.  For a breakfast lover, the menu is sure serendipity, as it has everything, and a whole lot more, that a dedicated breakfast junkie could hope for.  If you like pancakes, you've certainly come to the right place, as they have pancakes, pancakes and more pancakes.  But it's not all about pancakes, as they have all of your favorite breakfast combos, omelets, skillets and more, but what caught my eye on the menu was S.O.S. - not one but TWO varieties, none the less!  While I was waiting for the group to arrive, surfing the Internet and drooling over the menu, our waitress, Linda, made sure that I had plenty of delicious coffee to enjoy.  I wasn't alone for long, as soon I was joined by Brian and Sharon, who arrived before the rest of the club members.

Photo:  Our waitress, Linda, on the right, and two helpers bring breakfast to our table.

When all club members were assembled, the meeting got underway, as the serious business of choosing breakfasts got underway.  Although the menu features an almost bewildering amount of choices, my choice of S.O.S. was already pre-programmed in my brain.  However, Pancake Palace offers two S.O.S. made with either sausage or ground beef, served over any variety of toast, or biscuits.  The breakfast also includes hash brown potatoes, but surprisingly, eggs are an option, but at only $.99 extra for two eggs are a no-brainier.  After a bit of soul-searching, I ordered sausage S.O.S. served over biscuits, which essentially made my breakfast a plate of biscuits and gravy.  

As we were waiting for our orders to arrive, we couldn't help to notice that Pancake Palace Restaurant was filled with regular customers, as the waitresses seemed to know many of the customers by name.  On this rainy Friday morning, the restaurant was quite busy, so the waitresses didn't have much time to chit-chat, but I got the impression that when things are slow, they like to mingle with the customers.  As we waited for our breakfasts, the delicious coffee just kept on comin' ... that's the way we like it.

Photo:  Here's my breakfast of S.O.S. hash brown potatoes and two eggs, and a mug of the delicious coffee.

Our breakfasts arrived in a timely manner, but since we had such a large club turnout today, it took Linda and two helpers to bring the food to our table, and they delivered a lot of food.  At Pancake Palace Restaurant, the portions are ample, the food is delicious, the presentation is attractive and the price is right.  All attending breakfast club members agreed that Pancake Palace is a great place to hold a breakfast meeting.

As I mentioned before, my S.O.S. was essentially a large plate of biscuits and gravy, with hash browns and eggs on the side.  The biscuits were covered by delicious gravy, that was very flavorful, and had large chunks of sausage. The hash brown potatoes were cooked perfectly, and oddly, the eggs arrived on a separate plate, but I took care of that by placing them on top of the potatoes.  My S.O.S. was delicious, but next time we hold a meeting at Pancake Palace, I plan to order ground beef S.O.S. on toasted white bread, to bring me a bit of nostalgia from the days I spent in the U.S. Navy.

Photo:  Today's breakfast club members, from left to right:  DeAnn Harris, her daughter Sydney, her mom DeAnna, Brian Gardiner, Mark McIntire, Eric Rench, your webmaster, editor and photographer, Sharon Angelo, Matt Donnelly, Sergio Gaona, Bev MacLeod, Dan MacLeod, and Latasha Banks.

Pancake Palace Restaurant has everything that members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club look for in a restaurant that serves breakfast.  Like General Doug once said, "We shall return."  Highly recommended.

Pancake Palace Restaurant
6225 Watt Ave.
North Highlands, CA 95660
916 334-6925

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