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Sometimes, you get a craving pancakes for breakfast, plain and simple.  If you're a regular reader of our breakfast adventures, you've probably noted that we always have either hash brown, or home style potatoes with breakfast, and we rarely, if ever, order pancakes.  Yet, variety is the spice of life, and even we occasionally like to break out of our mold.  Today, Friday, September 28, 2012, was a day to eat of the box, so to speak, as we held today's meeting The Original Pancake House, in Roseville.

Photo:  Original Pancake House is located in a newer section of Roseville - 10 years ago, this area was just dirt and weeds - and the restaurant is located in an upscale strip mall that offer lots of parking, close to the restaurant.

Photo:  Our friendly hostess, Kimberly, takes Sean's order.  Photo gives an idea of the layout of the large, comfortable dining room.  Oddly, there are no booths and no breakfast counter, as there are only tables and chairs.

Photo:  Kimberly and helper place Sharlene's order of Eggs Florentine on the table, as Teri looks on.

Photo:  Today's members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, from left to right, Sean McCloud, Teri McCloud, Sharlene Rench and Eric Rench.  The photo was graciously taken by our friendly hostess, Kimberly.

Photo:  Sharlene and I both ordered the same breakfast:  Eggs Florentine, with a side of three pancakes, of course. So what are Eggs Florentine?  The base is an English muffin, covered with diced Canadian bacon.  Then, it's covered with fresh, green - health food - spinach, and two poached eggs are placed on top of it.  Then, the whole creation is smothered with Hollandaise sauce... it's good!  Of course the meal includes three of the best pancakes that I've ever eaten... and that's saying something, as I'm not a fan of pancakes.  Photo shows my breakfast, as delivered to the table, before the butter and syrup were applied to the pancakes.  Just for the record, Original Pancake House is dead-serious about breakfast, as they're only open for breakfast and lunch.

Today was our third club meeting in as many years at Original Pancake House, so you know that this is a good restaurant, in order to be visited so many times.  It's out of the box - as potatoes are a rarity on the menu, and it's a chain restaurant - but Original Pancake House is as good as a restaurant gets....

Original Pancake House
10000 Fairway Drive
Roseville, CA 95678
916 788-3040

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