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Diner-style dining... circa early 1960's... Wolfman Jack... American Graffiti... good food, great people... now you're talkin' Original Mel's Diner, located in Roseville, on Douglas Avenue.


Photo:  Friday, December 6, 2013, the Sacramento Breakfast Club paid another visit to Original Mel's Diner, on Douglas Ave., in Roseville.  Yes, the Roseville location is a link in a chain of restaurants, but Mel's is a small, NorCal chain that upholds the values of Sacramento-area dining.  Not to mention, they are featured on the 1970's classic movie, "American Graffiti," as many of the scenes in the movie were filmed at Mel's Modesto location.


Photo:  It's almost like stepping back into the early 1960's when you visit Mel's, including the checkered tile, the art deco chrome, the neon, and the retro menu.  Unfortunately, the prices aren't 1960's... they are in context with 2013, but by any standard, the price is right, the food is delicious, and Mel's represents an outstanding breakfast value.


Photo:  Our friendly server, Rebecca, takes our orders.  Today, there were seven breakfast club members, so Mel's was happy to seat us at a large booth, which provided our club members with comfortable seating.


Photo:  Our friendly and efficient server, Rebecca, happily poses for my camera, as she delivers a portion of our breakfast.  Yes, Christmas is only a couple weeks away, and Mel's is happily decorated for Christmas.


Photo:  Today's members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, from left to right:  Eric Rench, Sharlene Rench, Teri McCloud, Sean McCloud, Sara Donnelly, Matt Donnelly and David Rowland.  


Photo:  When we arrived at Mel's, I noticed they had painted on their window "Steak and Eggs $5.89," so in my case, it was "Yippeee-hi-owww!!!"  So, I asked our friendly server, Rebecca if the rock-bottom price included potatoes, biscuits and gravy.  Yes!  So... drum roll... for the additional price of $1.79, I ordered "Mel's Potatoes" to be stuffed with cheese, bacon, green onions and sour cream... this IN ADDITION to my $5.79 steak and eggs!  The photo shows my delicious breakfast of my 6-oz steak, cooked-to-order, medium, for my taste, two eggs, over easy, as per my likes, a side of biscuits and gravy - OH YEAH!!! - the "Mel's Potatoes" with the options, and a bottomless cup of some of the best coffee in Roseville.  Truly a delicious meal!

Original Mel's Diner is the kind of restaurant that the Sacramento Breakfast Club loves to visit, as the food is delicious, there is plenty of it, the price is right, and the staff is friendly.  We love the retro dining atmosphere... but we love the contemporary emphasis on quality food, and service with a smile.  Original Mel's Diner is open 24 hours a day, and serves breakfast 24/7, so if you're a breakfast lover, Mel's should be on your breakfast list, as whenever you feel like enjoying an outstanding breakfast, in a retro-dining atmosphere, Original Mel's Diner will be ready to satisfy your breakfast needs.

Original Mel's Diner
1804 Douglas Blvd.
Roseville, CA 95661
916 783-6357

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