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OK, I know the Roseville location of Mimi's Caf is one link of a chain of restaurant across the country, and yes, I know that the Sacramento Breakfast Club normally doesn't visit chain restaurants, but we do make exceptions, and on Friday, September 16, 2011, Mimi's Caf seemed like the right place to hold today's breakfast meeting.


Photo:  Mimi's Caf is located across from Roseville's premier shopping center, at an upscale location that offer plenty of parking.


Photo:  Our super friendly server, Kathy, takes Dan's order.  Since we had a large party, we were seated at the "round table, in the center of the main dining room.  Photo gives a good idea of the spacious, friendly, and comfortable dining room that Mimi's offers breakfast fanatics...


Photo:  Our super friendly server, Kathy, poses for the photo, upon my request, as she brings FOUR plates of breakfast to our table!!!  Geezzz!!! This gal can serve...  By the way, Kathy impressed us as a friendly, efficient server, who truly loves what she does, and truly loves her job... We loved her friendly conversation and her great service.  Oh yes... she kept our coffee cups full of delicious coffee.


Photo:  Kathy delivers Betty's breakfast of pancakes.... Betty seems surprised, as David looks on... nonplussed as usual...


Photo:  Muffins are the default standard side dish at Mimi's Caf.... but as a "meat and potatoes man" I'm not a huge fan of muffins.  So I asked our friendly server Kathy to forget the muffin, and I ordered a side of sourdough toast, which is more my style.  This is my breakfast of sourdough toast, Mimi's homestyle potatoes, and a bacon-avocado omelet. Actually, the omelet was just an omelet, and the bacon and avocado was paced on top of the omelet.  The omelet was real cheesy... "real good..."   cheesy means good at Mimi's Caf!


Photo: Today's members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, enjoying breakfast at Mimi's Caf in Roseville, CA... from left to right:  David DeMario, Dan MacLeod, Bev MacLeod, Sharlene Rench, Eric Rench, Jerry Townsend, and Betty Townsend.

Today was our first visit to the Roseville location, and like the other Mimi's location we've previously visited, we've enjoyed an outstanding breakfast experience, as Mimi's Caf represents a good breakfast value, the food is delicious, the menu selection is impressive, the staff is always friendly and efficient, and the dining room is comfortable and elegant.  Mimi's Caf has earned it's place with the members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club.

Mimi's Caf
1104 Galleria Blvd
Roseville, CA 95678
916 780-2646

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