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All of us have been to Mimi's Café on many occasions, such as work-related meetings, retirements, breakfast, lunch, and other times, as the restaurant is located only a few minutes from work, the food is great, the service is always superior, and it's clean and comfortable.  Yet in the nearly four years since the Sacramento Breakfast Club was formed, we, as a club, just never paid Mimi's Café a visit.  All of that changed on Friday, April 1, 2011, when it was David's turn to choose the location of today's meeting, and he chose Mimi's Café... which was an excellent choice.

Photo:  The early morning light on this beautiful Friday morning makes Mimi's attractive building look absolutely stunning.  It's beautifully landscaped, very clean, and there's lots of free parking.

Photo:  Mimi's Café has a large main dining room, and then a smaller, more intimate dining room next to the full-service bar.  The decor is absolutely beautiful, complete with natural lighting and high ceiling.  Our friendly server, Deb, takes Bev's order.  We sat at a table for six, as there were five of us today.

Photo:  We met for breakfast at 0800, and the well-equipped bar was open, but none of us enjoyed any orders from the bar, due to the early hour of the morning, the fact that we all had to drive, and in my case, I had to be to work in the afternoon.  There is additional dining to the rear of the photo.  The area around the bar is more intimate, as the lighting is somewhat subdued and the ceiling is lower.

Photo:  Deb poses with my order of a Monterey Omelet and Dan's Santa Fe Omelet.  With the exception of David, who ordered corn beef hash, all of us ordered omelets.

Photo:  Today's members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, from left to right... Dan MacLeod, Eric Rench, Bev MacLeod, Mary Rupp, and David DeMario.  Thanks to our friendly server Deb for taking the photo.

Photo:  I ordered a Monterey Omelet, which had three eggs, jack cheese onions, three slices of bacon, and more cheese and sliced avocados on top.  Fried red potatoes, toast, chipotle salsa, and a glass of juice were included with the meal.  The food was cooked perfectly, and the breakfast was absolutely delicious.  The salsa added a nice touch, as I dipped my potatoes in it... soooo good!  As of this writing, about five hours after enjoying this delicious breakfast, I'm still full... no lunch for me today, and a very light dinner tonight!  At Mimi's Café, you definitely get your money's worth!

Yes, we're quite aware that the Mimi's, located on Alta Arden, is one link in a chain of restaurants that span the country, and, yes, we normally avoid chain restaurants, but occasionally we like to break out of the mold, and we enjoy good food... and Mimi's Café serves good food, in a family-friendly atmosphere, and offers efficient, friendly service, and the prices are reasonable.  Chain restaurant aside, Mimi's Café is a great place to enjoy breakfast and is highly recommended by members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club.

Mimi's Café
2029 Alta Arden Expressway
Sacramento, CA 95825
916 614-9728

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