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Lumberjacks Restaurant is a small chain of restaurants, with eight stores in Northern California, and one location in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The restaurant is well-known for serving good food, and lots of it, and it caters to, well, the taste and appetites of lumberjacks, like the members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club.  Lumberjacks has two locations in the greater Sacramento area, and today, Thursday, May 24, 2012, we chose to hold our breakfast meeting at the Lumberjacks Restaurant on Howe Ave.  By the way, this is the first time the club has held a meeting at this location...


Photo:  Lumberjacks Restaurant is located on busy Howe Ave, and this location has been here for a bit over a year, although today was the first time we've held a club meeting at this location.  Due to the cramped quarters, and the busy traffic, I wasn't able to include the characteristic Paul Bunyan statue of a lumberjack that graces the front of every Lumberjacks Restaurant.


Photo:  Yes folks, the decor is rustic, to say the least, and will make your Joe-average lumberjack feel right at home.  This is the entrance to the restaurant, as the "please wait to be seated" greeting station.  The dining room is rustic, attractive, comfortable and very clean... the only thing missing is my pair of "corks," e.g. caulked boots that lumberjacks wear.  


Photo:  Our friendly server, Zanoah, better known as "Z," brings Betty's order to the table.  I called her "Z-Girl," and she seemed to like it.  This gal is a very friendly and fun server, and made us feel right at home.


Photo:  Jackie brings another order to the table, as Dan motions, "Here I am!  Bring me my biscuits and gravy, PLEASE!!!"


Photo:  I ordered the "Steak and Eggs Special," for $5.99, which was not on the menu, but on a white board at the entrance to the restaurant.  The side bowl of gravy was $1.00 extra, and the coffee was, of course extra, but including tax, the price of my meal came to less than $10.00.  I ordered my steak cooked medium, and as you can see, it was perfectly grilled, with attractive grill marks, and it was just a bit pink inside, just the way I like it. One of the benchmarks of a perfect breakfast is when you order eggs over easy, the yolks are just that, over easy, and not broken, hard, or overly yellow.  If you like eggs over easy, these eggs are perfect!  The breakfast was filling, but I didn't leave stuffed, and I felt that I received a great value for my money.  I would rate Lumberjacks Restaurant's breakfast as excellent!


Photo:  Today's member of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, from left to right:  Dan MacLeod, Robert Kipperman, Eric Rench, Gerry Townsend, Betty Townsend and Bev MacLeod.  Friendly "Z" took the photo, and when I handed her my camera and started to explain what to do, she said, "Oh I have a camera just like this!!!"  Thanks, gal, you took an outstanding photo.  I rewarded her with a very generous tip.

We weren't disappointed, as we left the restaurant with a smile on our face and a full stomach.  Lumberjacks Restaurant serves good food, and lots of it, in a rustic, family-friendly dining room.  For all the lumberjacks, hungry people, or folks who like good food, Lumberjacks Restaurant is the place to go for a great breakfast.

Lumberjacks Restaurant
1030 Howe Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95825
916 646-9900

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