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Jim Denny's is a Sacramento icon that's been serving breakfast and lunch since 1936, and has recently come into the spotlght after being featured on the television show, Man vs. Food.  Since our previous visit a couple of years ago, Jim Denny's has changed ownership, so we wanted to see what, if any, changes had been made, and to enjoy another great breakfast at this tiny, retro, hole-in-the-diner.


Photo:  Six of the club members attended the meeting of the Sacramento Breakfast Club on Friday, September 30, 2011, and we were thankful that the weather was beautiful, as our only option was to dine outside, which was not a problem on this perfect, early fall morning in Sacramento.  There are no tables inside... only counter space!  Jim Denny's features Sacramento retro-dining at it's best!!!


Photo:  The dining room offers eight seats at the well-worn counter, where diners can see the cooking in progress at the griddle, and watch the action behind the counter as they enjoy their delicious meal.  Not shown in the photo are an additional eight stools that face the wall - literally - so if you prefer to dine at a table, your only option is to dine outside.


Photo:  Since there were six of us, we elected to dine outside, at a table for six.  Our friendly server, B.J., takes Bev's order of a giant breakfast burrito.  If you're counting only five diners, please count me in as "numero seis," as I'm taking the photo!


Photo:  David and B.J. hit it off quite well, so I couldn't resist snapping a photo as they clowned around, as she took his order.


Photo:  Jim Denny's kitchen/griddle features a portal to the outside world, so I stood on the sidewalk, outside the restaurant, and was able to snap a photo, which features:  a) Most importantly, components of our breakfast, in the process of being cooked on the griddle, b) The "street scene" of mid-town Sacramento, and, not at all important, c) The photographer - me - practicing his trade, superimposed in the window, thanks to low-tech reflections of the sun. True superimposition, multi-tasking at it's best, thanks to a low-tech reflection in the window.


Photo:  Heart-healthy Dan elected to order a plate of sliced tomatoes, rather than potatoes, so the photo captures friendly server B.J. placing a plate of sliced tomatoes next to his platter of ham and eggs.  Click on this link to see additional photos of Dan's plate of ham and eggs, and "The Hub" pancake colossus.


Photo:  I went a bit on the "light" side this early Friday morning, and ordered a meatless choice, #8, from the menu, which was described as a "Three egg cheese omelet with lots of cheese."  Of course the meal included potatoes and toast, so I ordered homestyle potatoes - choices were homestyle or hash browns - and toast; in my case sourdough!  I ordered an optional side of gravy, and, of course, a bottomless cup of coffee.  The photo doesn't really show it, but the cup of gravy had at least a link of sausage diced in it... No need to order meat with this breakfast!  Click on this link to see my breakfast covered with sausage gravy...


Photo:  Today's members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, from left to right:  Bev MacLeod, Dan MacLeod, Gerry Townsend, Betty Townsend, Eric Rench, and David DeMario.

During today's visit, none of us ordered, "The Hub," which is the giant stack of pancakes that Jim Denny's is known for, or the more recent addition, "The Spoke," which is essentially a hub with bacon or sausage added to resemble a wheel with spokes.  We enjoyed delicious food, great conversation and great service, under the gorgeous skies of a perfect early fall Sacramento morning.  What more could a person ask for?

Jim Denny's
816 12th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
916 443-9655

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