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With a name like International House of Pancakes, you don't have have a P.H.D. in rocket science to figure out what their specialty is.  I'm not a fan of pancakes, waffles and French toast, so I've been staying away from IHOP for a number of years.  As I found out today, the old stereotype about IHOP just doesn't ring true, as their menu features a lot more than pancakes.

Two of my co-workers and breakfast buddies, Dan and David, had been talking about IHOP's Colorado Omelet for the last couple of weeks, and they wanted to visit IHOP for this week's breakfast adventure.  All of us work the night shift, so the last couple of months Dan, David and I, and occasionally other co-workers, meet at a restaurant, eat breakfast, laugh, joke and talk about things that we can't discuss at work.

Left:  IHOP, located at 4821 Madison Ave., Sacramento, CA.  Dan waves his arms and yells "Halooooo!  I'm heeeere!"  Right:  A peak inside IHOP's spotless kitchen.R

There are several IHOPs in the Sacramento area, but we chose the one on Madison Ave, next to the Chevy Dealer, as for Dan and I, it was sort of on the way home.  This particular restaurant is quite new, as its only a few years old, and is one of the larger IHOP restaurants that I've ever seen.

Like most restaurants, when you walk in the door, a friendly hostess greets you with a large grin, hands you a menu, and seats you.  This particular restaurant is divided up into three sections, with each section separated by a very low wall, with glass up to the ceiling.  I pondered why the restaurant is arranged this way, and I came up with the idea that the glass walls help keep the noise down so you can carry on a conversation.  If you can think of a better reason, let me know...

Within a couple of minutes of being seated, our friendly waitress Nadine brought us ice water and coffee.  All members of our breakfast club are ex-military, so you can imagine how important good coffee is to us.  We placed our order at that time, each of us ordered a Colorado omelet; Dan and I had our omelets topped with jalapeno peppers.  The omelets come with pancakes on the side, but instead of pancakes, Dan opted for biscuits and gravy, while David and I ordered hash browns.  That's a nice thing about IHOP, in that if you don't want pancakes, they'll be glad to substitute.

Left:  Nadine hands David his Colorado omelet.  Right: Dan, in blue shirt hams it up for the camera, as Dan growls, as the photographer is keeping him from digging into his omelet.

Just what is a Colorado omelet at International House of Pancakes?  It's a huge omelet, that probably contains four eggs.  It's stuffed with bacon, sausage, ham and grilled onions, and topped with smoked beef and cheddar cheese.  As I mentioned before, it comes with a stack of pancakes, but we prefer potatoes or biscuits and gravy.

IHOP features fast service, and it seemed like only about 10 minutes before Nadine brought our breakfasts.  This girl is friendly and efficient, as she carried all three plates of omelets at the same time, which in itself is quite a feat.  She did have to go back for the side dishes; everybody has their limits, including our talented waitress.

We immediately began digging into to our great breakfasts.  I don't know how I did it, but I managed to eat the whole thing, which amazed me, as this is about four times the breakfast that I normally eat.  Dan and David are real breakfast guys, so they didn't have any trouble at all.

Left:  My Colorado omelet, up-close and personal.  This is a huge omelet!  Right:  My complete breakfast, including coffee, omelet and hash browns.  I didn't eat anything the rest of the day until dinner, and then I all I ate for dinner was a green salad.  The Colorado omelet contains enough meat to last for nearly a week!

If you are a meat lover and a hungry one at that, don't pass up IHOP's Colorado omelet, as it is delicious and will satisfy the hungriest appetite.  We'll be back for more...

International House of Pancakes
4821 Madison Ave.
Sacramento, CA

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