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Hungry Hollow Caf is a small, hole-in-the-wall restaurant that is open only for breakfast and lunch, located in the upscale Crestview Shopping Center, in unincorporated Carmichael, CA, which is a suburb of Sacramento. Since Hungry Hollow Caf is open for breakfast and lunch only, you know they're dead-serious about breakfast... that is one of many reasons why we chose to hold our meeting of Friday, April 13, 2012 at Hungry Hollow Caf.


Photo:  Hungry Hollow Caf is located in the Crestview Shopping center, and it sandwiched in between a barber and a florist.  Hungry Hollow is the place in the middle that's lighted, as barbers and florists usually aren't open at 0745 on a rainy Friday morning.


Photo:  I'm standing just outside the restaurant, using the widest angle my camera will allow to take this photo, which shows that Hungry Hollow Caf could be described as, "compact," or "small footprint."  By the time we finished our meal, the restaurant was packed with hungry locals.  The kitchen is in the center of the photo, to the rear.

Hungry Hollow Cafe is a small operation, as the owner of the places cooks the meals, and he has a cook's helper who prepares food for cooking, and performs cleaning chores, and anything else that needs to be accomplished, and today, we were treated to the fantastic and friendly service of Jodee, who was our friendly server.  As you relax at Hungry Hollow, you're coffee cup will be always full, thanks to Linda; her service is very friendly and efficient, but never intrusive.


Photo:  Our friendly server, Jodee, writes down Gerry's order.  Jodee mentioned that she hadn't had the chance to remove the Easter decorations that were hung on the wall.  She said they decorate the restaurant according to the season, time of year, or an upcoming holiday.  You could describe the decor as "country" and it's light, airy, attractive and very friendly.  By the way, Hungry Hollow Caf caters to locals, as Jodee greeted practically everybody who entered the restaurant by name.


Photo:  Jodee poses for my camera, as she picks up part of our order from the kitchen window.  Note the old fashioned order wheel, as she used a notepad to take our orders.  Don't look for a computer at Hungry Hollow Caf, as you won't find one... this restaurant is "old school."

Naturally, the bottom line is THE BREAKFAST.  Despite the fact that the restaurant was quite full, we received our breakfast about fifteen minutes after ordering it.  Great!  Our breakfasts were attractively presented.  Great!  The food was prepared exactly as ordered. Yessss!  The breakfast was made from fresh ingredients and served hot; not artificially heated under heat lamps. Exactly!  The service was fast, efficient and friendly... Bullseye!  Hungry Hollow Cafe's score for a delicious breakfast?  ...  Outstanding!


Photo:  Hungry Hollow Caf's offers a wide array of breakfast choices, but after careful consideration, and time spent surfing their web site, where the menu is posted, I chose biscuits and gravy, fried eggs, sausage AND bacon, along with a bottomless cup of superior coffee.  Note the large chunks of sausage in the gravy.  This was a great breakfast, as the food was not only delicious, but there was a lot of it.  Note the attractive presentation, which is something that you don't usually see in a small, "mom and pop" diner.


Photo:  Today's members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, from left to right:  David DeMario, Dan MacLeod, Bev MacLeod, Eric Rench, Gerry Townsend, Betty Townsend, Tony Godsey and Mary Rupp.  The gentleman in the exact center of the photo was not a member of our group, but the way he's situated, you'd think he is.  Jodee graciously took the photo, and she did an excellent job, as I didn't have to crop it, or alter the photo in any way.  Thanks Jodee!

Since our last visit, back in August of 2007, we noted that nothing had changed, as Hungry Hollow Caf is still the same small, friendly restaurant as it has always been, our server, Jodee was efficient and friendly.  Like our previous visit, we enjoyed delicious breakfast at a great price.  Hungry Hollow Caf is a great breakfast restaurant! See you there....

Hungry Hollow Caf
4766 Manzanita Ave.
Carmichael, CA 95608
916 487-8167

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