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If you're a connoisseur of breakfast, you have to love a restaurant with a name such as Roseville Family Restaurant, as the name implies a couple of heart-warming thoughts to us:  1)  It's a family-friendly establishment 2) and, probably most important, breakfast is a top priority.  Roseville Family Restaurant answers yes to bullet number one, and yes to bullet number two.  To members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, yes is good, so on Friday, February 6, 2009, it was decided to hold a meeting at Roseville Family Restaurant.

Photo:  Roseville Family Restaurant is located at the corner of Riverside Ave. and Fern St., just south of downtown Roseville, CA.  Although not in the city of Sacramento itself, Roseville can be considered in the Sacramento metro area, even though its located to the northeast, in Placer County.

True to form, Roseville Family Restaurant is open only for breakfast and lunch.  That in itself throws up a green flag in front of us, but beside having an extensive breakfast menu, how about a restaurant who's menu not only features a fine array of classic American sandwich, burger and lunch entrées, but a smattering of Chinese dishes as well?  That's another green flag... But we weren't visiting the restaurant for lunch, as the time was shortly after eight in the morning, and the Sacramento Breakfast Club was paying a visit to do what we do best:  Enjoy a delightful breakfast at a restaurant that we'd never visited before.

Photo:  Our friendly server Mitch, takes orders.  Note the comfortable, friendly decor of the dining room.

Roseville Family Restaurant isn't a fancy eating establishment, but its clean, spacious, very comfortable, and the folksy decor, along with the friendly service will make you feel like you're about to sit down to breakfast, with your extended family.  Nothing about the restaurant is formal, so when I walked in and noticed that Dan and Bev were already seated at a table, I just made myself at home, and waited for Mitch, our friendly server to bring me a cup of delicious coffee.  The rest of today's crew filtered in one-by-one, until all seven of us were present and accounted for, and then it was time to make the most important decision of the day:  What to order for breakfast?

Photo:  I take a peek into the kitchen, and I see our food, cooking on the griddle.  Note David's corned beef hash, and the large frying pan of gravy, to the left of the photo.

Keep in mind that most of the members of our club had just got off work at eight, and during their over-night shifts, work required them to perform many important duties, including service assurance, telephone call completion, 9-1-1 integrity, network reliability, and many other functions that are important to keep the telephone system functioning.  Sure, it's possible countless lives and property could be affected, which is important, but nothing that the telephone network has to offer is as important as the decision of what-do-I-order-for-breakfast? Actually, at Roseville Family Restaurant, it's not all that difficult to make a choice, as if you're in doubt, all you have to do is close your eyes, point your index finger at the menu, take a stab, open up your eyes, and viola! ... whatever item your index finger rests on, that's your breakfast choice.  No problem!  For me, I didn't have to use the point 'n shoot method, as my eyes gravitated toward the Southern Breakfast section on the menu, and in particular, the chicken fried steak and eggs.  Yippeeee!

Before our orders arrived, I had time to walk around the dining room, check things out, ask a few questions, and even take a peek into the well-equipped kitchen, where I was able to observe the breakfast chef in action, as he juggled eggs, potatoes, pancakes and more over the griddle, in a well-synchronized routine.  During the few minutes it took for our meals to arrive, our coffee cups never went below half full, as it seemed Mitch was always in the vicinity with a full coffee pot in his hand.  We were surprised at the fast, efficient service that we received, as there were only two staff members on duty at the time of our visit, our server Mitch, and the breakfast chef in the kitchen.  It's a sure-bet that you'll receive your meal in a timely manner at Roseville Family Restaurant!

Photo:  Mitch places my breakfast on the table, with Brand's breakfast in hand, as Brad looks on.

Dining room decor, cleanliness, friendly and efficient service are very important factors when evaluating a restaurant, but the true test of a restaurant is the food they serve, especially taking note of the quality, quantity, price and presentation.  Call it the Breakfast Club's qq-pp index or whatever moniker you care to give it, but it's one of tools that we use the judge a restaurant, and Roseville Family Restaurant makes, and exceeds all of our expectations in every respect. Our food arrived hot from the kitchen, in a timely manner, prepared exactly as ordered, skillfully presented, and delivered to our table with a smile.  Those of us who ordered chicken fried steak were pleased that the steak was fried southern style, as it was spicy, delicious, but not hot, and it left a hint of a southern-fried taste in our mouths.  Dan was especially pleased, as he was able to order a glass of V-8 juice with his meal, to leave him turbocharged for the rest of the day.

Photo:  My delicious breakfast of Southern-style chicken fried steak, homestyle potatoes, eggs over easy, coffee, and my ever-present favorite side dish of biscuits and gravy.  Today, three of us enjoyed a variation of this selection.

One other virtue of the restaurant that I neglected to mention is the price:  Think 2001 prices rather than 2009 prices, as the seven of us enjoyed full breakfasts, drinks and sides for slightly over $60.00; I gave our friendly server a generous tip as a reward for his efficient, friendly service, and the fact that he welcomed all of the many photographs that I took, in order to prepare this report.

Photo:  Today's Sacramento Breakfast Club members, from left to right:  Dan MacLeod, Bev MacLeod, Matt Donnelly, David DeMario, saluting the camera with his raised coffee cup, Mark McIntire, Brad Holther, and your author and webmaster, Eric Rench.

On the sidewalk, outside the restaurant, we held the usual breakfast post-mortem discussion, and we agreed that Roseville Family Restaurant serves delicious a breakfast, at an unbeatable price, and it's a restaurant that deserves the attention of anybody who enjoys a delicious breakfast, in a comfortable surrounding.

Roseville Family Restaurant
433 Riverside Ave.
Roseville, CA 95678
916 786-0166

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