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If you've ever watched the sitcom on television, "Cheers," you're aware that the restaurant/bar is a friendly neighborhood place to "hang," where locals meet, enjoy good food, a drink or two, and lots of friendly company. During our breakfast travels, we're always on the lookout for such a restaurant, and our search was rewarded on Friday, February 28, 2014, when the Sacramento Breakfast Club enjoyed an outstanding meeting at Cornerstone Cafe and Bar, in midtown, Sacramento.

Photo:  Cornerstone Cafe and Bar is located in a very delightful, midtown Sacramento neighborhood.  The only drawback is you must pay to park on "J" Street, but parking is free on nearby 24th Street, albeit the parking can be a bit scarce at times.  At 0830 on this rainy Friday morning, we were able to park nearby on 24th Street, and walk only around the corner to the restaurant. Cornerstone offers outdoor dining, but there aren't any takers on this rainy morning.

Photo:  The large, cozy dining room features a full-service bar, and a breakfast bar in the rear, adjacent to the kitchen.  The dining room offers a mixture of booths and tables, with many high, barrista-style tables, which are fun.  Due to our large group, we pushed three tables together to accommodate all of us.

Photo:  The kitchen is to the rear of the of the restaurant, and offers a view inside of the chef hard at work preparing our delicious breakfast orders.  According to the sign above, you're on camera, so as I snapped this photo, I made sure I had a smile on my face.

Photo:  Our friendly hostess, Valerie, places Sean's breakfast on the table.  She and another gal cheerfully kept our coffee mugs replenished with delicious coffee.

Photo:  Today's members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, from left to right:  Robert Kipperman, Sara Donnelly, Matt Donnelly, Carolyn Gamble, Eric Rench, Sharlene Rench, Teri McCloud, and Sean McCloud, who is flashing his Carmichael gang sign.

Photo:  If you love breakfast, Cornerstone Cafe and Bar is the place to go, as the menu offers a great selection of your breakfast favorites, the food is delicious, and breakfast is served anytime the restaurant is open.  You know they're serious about breakfast!  Today, I enjoyed grilled linguica, two eggs, fried over easy, and homestyle potatoes, with a bottomless cup of coffee to drink.  Simply delicious!  Not shown is a side of sausage gravy.

Cornerstone Cafe and Bar has it all, including delicious food, a fun, pub-like atmosphere, a full-service bar, and friendly service.  Truly, a great restaurant to enjoy a delicious breakfast!

Cornerstone Cafe and Bar
2326 "J" St.
Sacramento, CA 95816
916 441-0948

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