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The sign in front of Charlie's Caf reads "Home Style Cooking," and it couldn't be said any better, as Charlie's offers food in the style that grandma used to make.  Over the years, Charlie's Caf has become one of the favorite locations for the Sacramento Breakfast Club to hold a meeting... if you're counting, this will be the eighth write-up that we've posted documenting our breakfast experience at Charlie's...

Photo:  On this Friday morning, November 8, 2013, the parking lot of Charlie's Caf is packed, which is good for Charlie's and bad for us, as we were expecting a fairly large group today.  No worries, as Sharlene and I arrived 15 minutes before the meeting was scheduled to begin, so we could secure a table for our group.  We checked the calendar, and it's been nearly two years since the Sacramento Breakfast Club has held a meeting at Charlie's   Caf, which has been entirely too long.

Photo:  As you walk in the restaurant, you're greeted at the breakfast counter, and one of the friendly staff members will seat you.  Note the Marine flag above the bar; one of Charlie's sons serves in the Marine Corps.

Photo:  The decor in Charlie's dining room would best be described as "country," which certainly describes the theme of the restaurant.  Furniture consists mostly of tables, but booths for four line the walls.  The dining room is spacious, comfortable and clean.

Photo:  Charlie brings one of our orders to our table.  Since we had a rather large group, we were seated in a small, semi-private dining room behind the main dining room.  You can look through the windows into the main dining room.

Photo:  Charlie's Caf is open for breakfast and lunch, and features a vast array of breakfast choices.  If you love omelets, Charlie has many to choose from, in this case, it's the "Enchilada Omelet," with optional cottage cheese, rather than potatoes.  Not shown in the photo is the whole wheat toast.

Photo:  And if you think "The Duke" is John Wayne, you're correct, and if you think "The Duke" is an scramble, you're also correct, as Sharlene ordered a "Duke Scramble" for breakfast today.  Basically, it's a ground beef, three-egg omelet, with spinach, onion, cheese and other yummy ingredients.  Sharlene opted for homestyle potatoes, complete with diced onion and bell pepper.  Her choice of English muffin isn't shown in the photo.

Photo:  I ordered my de facto standard at Charlie's, which is their delicious "Chicken Fried Steak Breakfast," complete with chicken fried steak, homestyle potatoes, two fried eggs, and a biscuit, with lots of country gravy. Such a delicious breakfast!

Photo:  Today's members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, from left to right, Shannen Park, Eric Rench, Matt Donnelly, David Rowland, David DeMario, Sharlene Rench, and Claudia Moung.

Eight write-ups, and how many meetings have not been written up?  So why do we keep holding our breakfast meetings at Charlie's?  There are many reasons including, but not limited to the fact that they feature "Home Style Cooking," outstanding, mouth-watering food, large portions, and friendly people.  We also like the "country-theme" decor of the dining room, and the country music that's played in the background.  In short, we love this restaurant. As long as Charlie and her crew keep on doing what they're doing, Charlie's Caf will remain a popular meeting place for the Sacramento Breakfast Club.

Charlie's Caf
8000 Auburn Blvd.
Citrus Heights, CA 95610
916 726-4772

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