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OK, I'll fast forward past all of the falderal, as I'll assume that you've read about our previous visits to Charlie's Cafe, which advertises home-style, country cooking.  When the Sacramento Breakfast Club sees an advertisement like that, we're drawn like a moth to a flame, as we're always a sucker for down-home style country cookin' ... and that is an outstanding way to describe Charlie's Cafe...

Photo:  Saturday, August 18, 2007, we entered Charlie's and we were greeted with this bulletin board, announcing the pork chili verse omelet. Despite the tempting menu, how could I resist this special?

There is no need to describe the ambiance that you'll encounter at Charlie's, as I've covered it during previous visits to the restaurant.  The Sacramento area hosts many outstanding restaurants that serve a top-notch breakfast, as you've probably noticed if you're a reader of the exploits of the Sacramento Breakfast Club.  We wouldn't waste our time posting an article about a restaurant if we didn't have an enjoyable dining experience, however, some dining experiences are better then others.  Sacramento is host to many outstanding breakfast restaurants, yet the Sacramento Breakfast Club seems to be drawn to Charlie's Cafe, for many reasons, including the fact that:

*  They know us by name, e.g... "How you doin', Dan? Good to see ya again..."
*  Fresh food:  All of their food is made in-house and is custom made to local taste
*  Super service, yet not intrusive
*  Local cuisine; caters to the taste of the locals
*  Serves delicious biscuits and gravy, which amounts to a HUGE green flag for the Sacramento Breakfast Club

Photo:  Co-owner of the restaurant, Charlie, shows our digital camera one of her delicious chicken-fried steak breakfasts.  We've been to Charlie's Cafe many times, and every dish featured on the menu is delicious.

Photo:  Left:  Dave Rolban, and Charlie, the owners of the restaurant, pose for my digital camera, not to mention that now they're posted on the world wide web, courtesy of http://www.erench.com.

Photo:  My breakfast, from left to right:  Biscuits and gravy, pork omelet, featuring cheese, bell peppers, cheese, with homestyle potatoes on the side.  The homestyle potatoes are deep fried to a golden brown on the outside, yet they've soft on the inside; they're cooked perfectly.  Charlie's serves delicious breakfasts!

Photo:  September 10, 2007, from left to right, core breakfast club member Jeff Brown, newbie DeAnn Harris, David DeMario, and your author, Eric Rench, pose in preparation to enjoy another delicious breakfast.  

The Sacramento Breakfast Club loves Charlie's, because they serve delicious food, at very reasonable prices, but the restaurant features the friendliest staff that we've ever encountered during our extensive search to unleash the best breakfast served in the greater Sacramento area.  When we enter Charlie's we're greeted with, "Hello Dan, good to see you again... where's Amber and the kids..."  Well... Charlie's is that friendly, as the staff seems to have an knack at remembering you.  They especially remember me, as I'm the weird dude that takes a lot of photos, and asks a lot of questions...

Photo:  Left to right:  David DeMario, Eric Rench (your web master,) Sharlene Rench, Bev MacLeod, and Dan MacLoed enjoy the wonderful breakfast at Charlie's Cafe. Charlie's Cafe is the place to enjoy a country breakfast.

I can't think of enough words to describe how much I can recommend enjoying a delicious breakfast at Charlie's Cafe.  Don't be afraid, just do it!

Charlie's Cafe
8000 Auburn Blvd.
Citrus Heights, CA
916 726-4772


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