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Friday, March 5, 2010 it was Mark's turn to pick the location of today's meeting of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, and, true to form, he picked Charlie's Caf, which has truly become a club favorite.  Let's see... how many club meetings have we held at Charlie's?  I think we've lost count, but it doesn't matter, as Charlie's serves one of the finest breakfasts that we've ever eaten.

Photo:  If you have any doubt that Charlie's Caf features delicious, home-style cooking, all you have to do is to look at their sign.  That's my white Ford truck parked in front of the restaurant; note the high frequency ham radio antennas.  After enjoying a breakfast meeting at Charlie's, I left for the wilds of Nevada to do some four wheeling.

Yes, we've posted many articles about club meeting held at Charlie's, so I won't go into great detail, as I'll allow the photos to speak for themselves.  As the vanguard of the club, I arrived early, before the other members arrived, and as I walked into the restaurant, I was immediately greeted by co-owner Charlie, who greeted me with "Hi Eric, we haven't seen you for a while, good to see you..." and I explained to her that we were expecting a large group, so she and our waitress, Gina, pushed four table together to accommodate today's club members.  Sure, I haven't been to Charlie's in a couple of months, but the folks remember me, and treat me like a member of the family.  

Photo:  The decor in Charlie's main dining room is very western, open, and comfortable.  We especially like the saddle, and the operating Henry lever action rifle, not to mention the western paintings.

Photo:  Charlie places my order of chicken fried steak, along with the side dish of biscuits and grave on the table.

Photo:  The coffee girl never let our coffee cups run dry.

You'll never go hungry at Charlie's, as the portions are huge.  Actually, I'd planned to order a breakfast burrito, but as per my de facto standard, the chicken fried steak got my attention, but today I ordered hash brown potatoes with it, rather than my usual home style potatoes.  Of course I ordered biscuits and gravy on the side... 

Photo:  Gina places Lisa's omelet on the table, as Dan eyes Mark's order of chicken fried steak.  Mark and I enjoyed the same breakfast, so I suppose that means we have identical, good tastes in breakfast.

Many times during club meetings something funny occurs, and today was no exception, as Gina got around to taking Dan's order.  Dan ordered sausage and eggs, and at Charlie's, you can either order link sausage, or the patty variety.  Charlie's makes their sausage patties in-house, and they're not only delicious and fresh, but they're huge - probably around four inches in diameter and quite thick.  Each breakfast includes one sausage patty, if that's the variety you choose - Dan knows this, as he's ordered sausage and eggs before during previous visits to Charlie's.  Anyway, he asked if the breakfast came with two patties, and Gina went into an explanation that the patties are huge, but if he wanted a second one, it could be arranged, albeit at additional cost.  Then Dan said, "I thought the breakfast came with two patties," and Gina replied that he must be confusing Charlie's with another restaurant.  I replied, "Yeah, he's confusing Charlie's with McDonald's," and that got quite a laugh out of the group, and a mock scowl from our friendly waitress, Gina.

Photo:  This is what a delicious breakfast of chicken fried steak, three fried eggs, hash brown potatoes, and a side of biscuits and gravy looks like.  Charlie's serves one of the best breakfasts in the greater Sacramento area.

Photo:  We had a record fourteen members attend today's meeting.  From left to right, Mary Rupp, David DeMario, Latasha Banks, Matt Donnelly, Bev MacLeod, Dan MacLeod, Mark McIntire, Lisa McIntire, Eric Rench, your author, photographer and webmaster, Brad Holther, little Sydney Harris, her mom DeAnn Harris, grandmother DeAnna Harris, and Sergio Gaona.  Despite a few misgivings, our waitress Gina took the photo, and she did an excellent job.

Since I've written about Charlie's many times before, I won't go into great detail, except that Charlie's is a fine as ever; the staff is friendly, the restaurant is comfortable, fellow diners are friendly, the portions are gigantic, and the food is some of the best that we have the pleasure to enjoy in the greater Sacramento area. Charlie's Caf remains a favorite, and de facto benchmark of the Sacramento Breakfast Club.

Charlie's Caf
8000 Auburn Blvd.
Citrus Heights, CA 95610
916 726-4772

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