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Cricket's Country Kitchen is a unique restaurant to enjoy a delicious breakfast or lunch, as it combines friendly service - the servers actually remember you from previous visits - unique decor styles that include such diverse styles as art deco, Hollywood vampire, 1960's glitzy, Wyoming folksy, period logging tools, mounted animal heads...  as opposed to talking or corporate heads.. and just about any kind of art deco, punk or funk that you can imagine.  They even have a Lon Cheney mannequin posed by the cash register... does he bring more tips, or does he scare away potential tippers?  Anyway you look at it, the decor in Cricket's Country Kitchen is unique, but the food and the service is as good as it gets in the Sacramento breakfast scene.  Read on...


Photo:  Cricket's Country Kitchen has been in the same location since 1986, and features a unique decor inside, and a very unpretentious facade outside... and quite patriotic.  Unlike many other restaurants... Cricket's offers ample, hassle-free parking.


Photo:  As I walked into the restaurant, I was greeted with this sign, advertising the daily special of ribeye steak and eggs.  I was pre-programmed for a chicken fried steak, but a complete ribeye steak breakfast for $8.49?  I gladly signed up...


Photo:  How can I describe the decor of Cricket's Country Kitchen?  Cluttered? Funky?  Completely crazy? Stuff plastered everywhere? I love it, and everybody else loves the funky, art deco, bohemian decor... as it's comfortable... whatever the case, the staff are friendly, and our friendly server Krista even remembered what we ordered from our previous visit! Here we get a "Hi-Five" for snapping this photo!  Cricket's Country Kitchen is a photo-friendly restaurant.


Photo:  The kitchen in action... and some of the many mounted animal heads, including a jackelope, which probably represent more intelligence than the corporate heads of many large American companies, including my employer.  


Photo:  The toy train, which runs on a track, suspended above the main dining room.  On today's visit, the train wasn't running, so I was able to snap a photo.  If you're a railfan, you might be interested to note that it's G-gauge model train... so it's quite large... What's a GP-9 doing pulling a wooden combine, a flat car, and other period rail cars? Only at Cricket's!!!


Photo:  Our friendly server Krista poses for my iPhone 4, as she places Mikey's hearty breakfast on the table before him.  At Cricket's Country Kitchen, you will leave with a smile on your face, a full stomach, and lots of change in your wallet.  Not to mention that the staff will treat you like family...


Photo:  My breakfast... I had originally planned on ordering a chicken fried steak, but the "special" menu board that greeted us, as we walked into the restaurant advertised a complete breakfast, featuring ribeye steak for $8.49.  I couldn't pass that up!  I did bow to convention, as I ordered a cup of gravy on the side.  Our friendly server Krista explained that they had received a special shipment of ribeye steak cuts that arrived marinated, so all they had to do was to place them on the grill, cook them to order, and offer a ribeye steak breakfast at an attractive price.  Well, the price was indeed attractive, but the breakfast was beyond attractive, as it was DELICIOUS!!!


Photo:  Today's members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, from left to right:  Bev MacLeod, Dan MacLeod, Matt Donnelly, Nicole Donnelly, Amber Donnelly, Sara Donnelly seems to be hiding behind David, David DeMario, Mike Casella, and Eric Rench, mostly hidden - maybe for good reason - from the photo, snapped by friendly server Krista, who was quite shy with the camera.

The food is great, the service is outstanding, and the decor, is... well... you're dining at Cricket's so whatever... what more can I say?  Our friendly server Krista remembered us from previous visits, called us "hon," the food was wonderful, and could be described as "outstanding American diner cuisine"... what more could you ask for in a restaurant that serves only breakfast and lunch?  Cricket's Country Kitchen rocks the Sacramento breakfast restaurant planet, and the Sacramento Breakfast Club!

Cricket's Country Kitchen
4745 Auburn Blvd.
Sacramento, CA. 95841
916 331-6405

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