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Caballo Blanco Restaruant is a South Sacramento icon, and they've been serving up delicious Mexican cuisine since 1961.  In order for a restaurant to have been in business for 50 years, they must be doing something right, and their web site lists a breakfast menu!  So Friday, March 4, 2011, the Sacramento Breakfast Club held our bi-monthly meeting at Caballo Blanco Restaurant.

Photo:  Caballo Blanco Restaurant occupies the middle section of this attractive building, at the busy corner of Franklin Blvd. and Fruitridge Road.  It's not clear in the photo, but the banner that hangs from the middle of the building reads, "Caballo Blanco 50th Anniversary.  Thank you Sacramento."  There is ample parking to the rear of the building, and you many enter the restaurant from the parking lot.

Photo:  The decor is rustic, and the dining room is attractive, clean and comfortable.  There are lots of period photos on the walls of notable figures in Mexican history, including Pancho Villa, Emiliano Zapata, Lazaro Cardenas, and many other notables.  The menu features a photo of Emiliano Zapata on the front cover.

Photo:  Our friendly waiter Pepe brings our orders to the table.  Note the clear, slender mugs filled coffee - they would look more at home with beer - but they definitely lend class to the table.  Two large bowls of chips, along with two bowls of salsa were included with the meal, and all of us went crazy over the chips and salsa, as the corn tortilla chips were light, fluffy, and not at all greasy, and the salsa was super flavorful, with just a touch of heat. All club members agreed the chips and salsa were some of the finest that we'd ever had the pleasure to enjoy.

Photo:  My delicious breakfast, featuring a 5-oz New York steak, cooked medium and garnished with grilled onions, refried beans, two eggs over easy, Mexican potatoes, and a slice of tomato and lettuce that had been marinated, and the tomato had been lightly fried.  Not shown was the stack of delicious, in-house made corn tortillas, the chips, and the bowl of salsa.  At $9.95, this meal represented a great value, and it kept me going until dinner.

Photo:  Pepe keeps our coffee mugs full, as David seems to have achieved nirvana.  After the meal, he remarked that Caballo Blanco Restaurant serves on of the best breakfasts that he's ever had the pleasure to enjoy.  All four of us absolutely loved our breakfast experience!

Photo:  I'm not sure how I ended up in focus and everybody else was blurred, but maybe because Pepe was using my camera, and it favored me, it's owner... do you have any other plausible explanation?  Today's members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, from left to right:  Eric Rench, Bev MacLeod, David DeMario and Dan MacLeod.

Caballo Blanco Restaurant
5604 Franklin Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95824
916 428-6706

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