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For the last several years, our country has been suffering the worst economic times since the Great Depression of the 1930's, and it seems everywhere you look, there are shuttered businesses and homes going through foreclosure. On Friday, January 6, 2012, we'd planned to start the new year by holding a breakfast meeting at the Omelet Professor... but when I pulled into the parking lot, I knew it wasn't to be, as the restaurant was out of business.  As I was pondering what to do next, Gerry and Betty pulled into the parking lot, and I did a double-take at the shuttered restaurant; it had been Gerry's turn to choose the restaurant.  So we held a hasty conference, and Gerry suggested we move the meeting location to Ashley's Country Kitchen, as he and Betty had visited the restaurant a couple of days previously.  So I whipped out my iPhone, made a few calls, sent out a few texts, and changed the meeting location to Ashley's...


Photo:  Ashley's Country Kitchen is almost brand new... as of our visit of January 6, 2012, the restaurant had been open only a month, and still had the "Grand Opening" banner facing Madison Ave.  Either we live in an advertising void, or the restaurant opened without little fanfare, because if it wasn't for Gerry and Betty, we wouldn't have known the place existed.


Photo:  The dining room is one of the most attractive ones we've seen, as its very spacious, squeaky clean, and comfortable.  It was easy to place three tables together to accommodate our group.  The decor is very simple, and it centers around the giant painting of horses, shown in this photo.  Note the hardwood floors, which is a rarity in Sacramento area restaurants.


Photo:  Our friendly server, Jennifer, takes David's order.  The breakfast menu is quite extensive, and features off of your breakfast favorites.


Photo:  Our friendly server, Jennifer, hands Gerry his plate of toast, as Betty looks on.


Photo:  Originally, I ordered meatloaf and eggs, but shortly after I placed my order, Jennifer came back and apologetically told me the kitchen was out of meatloaf.  So I ordered the runner-up, which was a 6-oz steak, cooked medium, country fried potatoes, two eggs over easy, and a bowl of biscuits and gravy.  The steak, eggs and potatoes were delicious, but the biscuits and gravy were "to die for," as the gravy featured large chunks of sausage, and it was just plain "good."


Photo:  Today's club members, from left to right, Matt Donnelly, Dan MacLeod, Eric Rench, Teri McCloud, Sean McCloud, Betty Townsend, Gerry Townsend, David DeMario, Bev MacLeod and Sara Donnelly.  We're the Sacramento Breakfast Club, and we love breakfast!

Ashley's Country Kitchen is the sort of restaurant that members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club love, as it's clean, comfortable, attractive, serves delicious food, and is staffed by friendly people.  Of course its locally owned and operated, and not a member of a chain.  Ashley's Country Kitchen is definitely a welcome addition to the greater Sacramento, California breakfast scene.

Ashley's Country Kitchen
9411 Madison Ave.
Orangevale, CA 95662
916 987-7070

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