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How can you not love a restaurant that includes the word "amore" in it's name, not to mention "amore" in the opening title? After our June 10, 2011 visit to Amore Caf Bakery and Espresso Bar, we found out the new meaning to the word "amore," which translates into "we love everything about this restaurant!!"


Photo:  Amore Caf Bakery and Espresso Bar is located in an upscale strip mall, near the American River, and offers comfortable patio dining, surrounded by palm trees and fresh flowers.  We chose to dine inside, as we like to observe the "action," and feel the pulse of the restaurant as we dine.


Photo:  Owners, operators and great people, brother and sister, Fariba and Sadan are taking David's order.  The format of the restaurant is that you place your order at the counter, pay for it, and then it's delivered to your table. That sounds impersonal, but at Amore, it isn't, as when you walk in, either Fariba or Sadan will greet you, seat you, and give you a menu, and will invite you to spend some time before deciding on your menu choice.  They greet you with a smile, make you feel at home, and they treat you as a family member.  Hey, they treat you better than my family members treat me...


Photo:  All of us were simply "blown away" by the intricate pattern in the cappuccino that Jim ordered, so I just had to publish this photo for the entire world to see.  Simply amazing!


Photo:  Jim enjoys his amazing cappuccino and after the photo was taken, he told me that it tasted as good as it looked.  Sure, you just don't sip it, you tip it!!!  In addition to cappuccino, Amore serves some of the best coffee on the planet!


Photo:  Fariba delivers Matt's breakfast to the table. as Sara looks on and seems to be amazed.  Cafe features spacious, comfortable dining, in elegant surroundings.  Did I mention that the staff are friendly?


Photo:  Friendly Ladan smiles for my camera, as she at the order counter, with half of our breakfasts placed on the counter, ready for Fariba to deliver to our table.  Like everywhere else, they asked my the eternal question, "Why are you taking photos?" and I told them about the mission of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, and they opened up to me, and showed me the wonderful people that they are.  If you enjoy a restaurant where you are treated like family, indeed like royalty, then Amore is your kind of restaurant.

Photo:  Sara ordered the signature dish of the restaurant, which is scrambled eggs with broccoli.  Check it out, as it's served on an elegant platter, garnished with French bread, and a small bowl of catsup on the side.  I almost ordered this meal, but when you scroll to the next the next photo, you'll understand why I changed my mind.


Photo:  Here's the story:  I walk up to the counter and place my order for a breakfast of scrambled eggs with broccoli with friendly Ladan.  Then I get to talking to Fariba, and I start explaining him our mission:  To enjoy a delicious breakfast.  Then I pose a question, "What is the signature dish of Amore?"  He replies, "Eggs Florentine." So, what the heck?  ... I order Eggs Florentine.  If you're a regular reader of our breakfast adventures, you'll note this isn't something that I normally order, as you will probably ask the question, "Where is the gravy?"  No gravy. Period.  But Eggs Florentine consists of, as the menu describes, "Two fresh poached eggs, Amore's exclusive Verde sauce, and ham topped with our hollandaise sauce over English muffins and hash browns."  So that's what the menu says.  I say, in one word, "Delicious!"  All six of us ordered hash brown potatoes, and all of us agreed that we enjoyed the best hash brown potatoes that we've ever eaten!  Now that's quite a statement, but it's true, the hash brown potatoes served at Amore are alone worth the price of admission.  Truly, the hash brown potatoes rock the entire planet!


Photo:  Today's members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, from left to right:  Matt Donnelly, Sara Donnelly, Mary Rupp, David DeMario, Eric Rench and Jim Angelo.  It was Jim's turn to choose, and he chose an excellent restaurant to hold a breakfast meeting.


Photo:  The friendly staff at Amore, from left to right, Daughter - darn... I didn't get her name - Fariba, Ladan, and chef Nader.  These folks not only serve a superior breakfast, but they're nice people and will treat you like family... maybe better.

Amore Caf Bakery and Espresso Bar was the brainchild of Jim, and he chose an outstanding restaurant.  Amore has it all, including great food, elegant dining, and super nice, friendly people.  They treat you l ike family... they are wonderful... Words can't describe the wonderful dining experience we enjoyed at Amore Caf Bakery and Espresso Bar.  Normally, we don't grade restaurants, but if we did, we'd award Amore an "A" in evey respect.  Do yourself a favor, and pay Amore Caf a visit!!!

Amore Caf Bakery and Espresso Bar
2220 Gold Springs Ct. #102
Gold River, CA 95670
916 463-0011

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