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Just three weeks ago, the Sacramento Breakfast Club held a meeting at Four Sisters Café, and during the breakfast post mortem in the parking lot, all club members preset agreed that Four Sisters served the best breakfast that we'd enjoyed during the seven or so years that we've been holding meetings.  So for our annual Christmas Eve meeting, it seemed appropriate to pay a visit to Four Sisters Café, to hold a great breakfast meeting, and to enjoy superior breakfast cuisine.


Photo:  Four Sisters Café is located in an end suite, in an upscale strip mall, at the corner of Fairway Drive and Stanford Ranch Road, on the border of Roseville and Rocklin.  It's 0830 on Monday, December 24, 2012, and it's a chilly, foggy morning in Roseville, which is a great morning to enjoy a delicious breakfast!


Photo:  Tricia, one of the "sisters" and co-owner of the restaurant, take's Sean's order.  Photo gives an idea of the light, airy decor, mostly illuminated by the many large windows.  Since the restaurant was crowded on this Christmas Eve, and since we were a large party, we made reservations a couple of days in advance on Four Sister's Facebook page, which I highly recommend.  When we arrived, we had our tables waiting for us, despite the fact that the restaurant was operating nearly to capacity.  That's service!


Photo:  Our friendly server, Tricia, places a Kelly's order of corned beef hash on the table.  In addition to some of the best food in the area, Four Sisters Café serves delicious coffee, and, despite the fact that the restaurant was very busy this morning, our cups never ran dry.


Photo:  After our last club meeting, Matt raved about the gravy, as he said it was the best gravy that he'd ever tasted.  So I had to order something that featured gravy, so it seemed that chicken fried steak, along with biscuits and gravy would fill the bill.  Yes, the gravy ranks on the "top shelf," as some of the best sausage gravy in the greater Sacramento area.  The homestyle potatoes were the best breakfast potatoes that I've ever eaten.  Honest! The best! You really didn't need a knife to cut the steak, as it was super tender.  This breakfast rocks the breakfast world!  Tricia told us they arrive at 0200 to start things, as everything is made, in-house, from fresh ingredients.  I believe her, as this was truly a superior breakfast!  


Photo:  Today's member of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, from left to right:  Ryan, Eric Rench, Sean McCloud, Matt Donnelly, Sara Donnelly, Nicole Donnelly, Amber Donnelly, (hidden behind Teri,) Teri McCloud, Tessa McCloud, Sharlene Rench, Robert Kipperman, and his friend Kelly.

Hands down, all members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club agree that Four Sisters Café serves the best breakfast in the area.  We love everything about the restaurant! Check out Four Sisters Café for the best breakfast in the greater Sacramento area!

Four Sisters Café
9050 Fairway Drive, Ste. 165
Roseville, CA 95747
916 797-0770

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