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While driving on North Main Street in Lamar, Colorado, I realized it had been quite some time since I'd enjoyed Asian cuisine, and I was long overdue, as next to Mexican food, Asian cuisine is my favorite "foreign" food.  After crossing the railroad tracks, I spotted Thai Spicy Basil, and I knew that I'd found the restaurant for tonight's dinner.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's early Saturday evening, September 15, 2018, and I've arrived at Thai Spicy Basil for my Saturday evening dinner.  I spotted this fine restaurant while driving down Main Street, looking for a place to eat.  I definitely had some kind of Asian cuisine in mind, and Thai sounded wonderful.

The building looks like it had heritage before it became a Thai restaurant, and my guess is that back in the day it was a pizza parlor.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you'll notice it's very clean, spacious and filled with sunlight.  The white board advertises appetizer specials.

The restaurant first appears to be an order at the counter, pay for it and seat yourself format, but that's not the case, as this is a full service restaurant.  The gentleman behind the counter quickly greeted me, seated me, and brought out a menu, along with a glass of ice water.

Photo:  The "Entrees" section of the menu, which lists both lunch and dinner prices.  The #7, "Thai BBQ Chicken" really grabbed my attention.

Photo:  After being seated for about 5 minutes, the gentleman behind the counter came over to my table to take my order.  In the rush to order my entree, I didn't check the menu to see what beverages - specifically Thai beer - was on the menu.  So, I placed my order for a #7 dinner, "Thai BBQ Chicken" and then I asked him what variety of beer they offered, and if they had Singha beer.  (I was in the mood for a Singha beer, which is brewed in Thailand.  I fell in love with it when I visited Thailand many years ago during my Navy days.)  He said something that I really couldn't understand, and I said "OK," silly me...

About 5 minutes later a small salad arrived, which was part of the dinner, along with a glass of root beer!  So much for Singha beer tonight, as I was going to enjoy a root beer instead.  I actually thought it was pretty funny!  No worries, as I could enjoy beer later when I made camp.

Photo:  View of the dining room looking outside to the restored railroad station and the railroad tracks.  The City of Lamar is served daily by two Amtrak trains.  The gentleman cleaning the table is the one who served my the root beer.  Silly me!

Photo:  My dinner was served to me by another gentleman, who was happy for me to take photos, and was very friendly.  I believe this gentleman was the chef, as it appeared that he and the meeter/seater were the only staff working the restaurant on this early Saturday evening.

Photo:  Thanks for my friendly server for taking my photo.  Somehow, I didn't get his name.

Photo:  My #7 dinner of "Thai BBQ Chicken."  The meal included fried rice, the small salad served with the root beer and a bowl of coconut peanut sauce.

The chicken was falling-off tender delicious, juicy and spiced just right.  It was served on a bed of lettuce, and after devouring the chicken, I cleaned up the lettuce.  The bowl of fried rice - steamed rice was an option - was perfect but the coconut peanut sauce... gasp! ... was out of this world and really showcased the meal.  I dipped my chicken in the peanut sauce and was instantly transported to heaven.  Truly a delicious meal at a great restaurant!

The name of this fine restaurant, "Thai Spicy Basil" is a little misleading, as many of the menu choices are Chinese, but the restaurant specializes in Thai cuisine, so there are no worries, as the food is delicious!  The service was lightning fast, the dinner delicious, and the service was very friendly.  Outside of the slight language problem with the word "beer," dining at Thai Spicy Basil, in Lamar, Colorado, was an amazing dining experience!

Thai Spicy Basil
10 N. Main St.
Lamar, CO 81052
719 336-0688

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