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Lately, it appears to me that enjoying a classic dinner of fried chicken, which was very popular in my youth, is disappearing from the United States dining scene, at least along the west coast.  Why?  Well, I don't have the answer to that question, but if you're looking forward to a traditional fried dinner, and you're in Moab, Utah, Susie's Branding Iron is the go-to restaurant for fried chicken, and barbecue favorites...

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's about 6:30 in the early evening on Tuesday, September 18, 2018, and I've arrived at Susie's Branding Iron restaurant, where I've come to "taste the west."

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, a white board - along with a friendly meet person/greeter - welcomes you, and the white board lists the daily specials.  I must admit the half rack of ribs grabbed my attention, but when I saw the menu, and noted fried chicken was offered, I was pleasantly "hooked on chicken."  I have no interest in deserts.

Photo:  Inside the main dining room, looking toward the entrance.  Note the decor is very western, in keeping with Moab.  On this early Tuesday evening, the restaurant was lightly seated, and I nearly had the main dining room to myself.

Photo:  The dinner menu is amazing!  Since today was Tuesday, and the time was after 5 p.m., I really considered the BBQ Ribs, as I absolutely CRAVE barbecued ribs.  But, I ended up on the "Cowboy Dinners" section of the menu, as I hadn't enjoyed a dinner of fried chicken for a long time, and until today, I'd NEVER enjoyed fry bread with my dinner of fried chicken.

Photo:  The decor of the dining room is definitely "western," and the Campbell's soup mugs definitely add to the comfortable atmosphere.

Photo:  After I placed my order for a dinner of fried chicken, my Shiner Bock beer arrived in just a couple of minutes, and I enjoyed the opportunity to sip my beer, glance at the "Beer Selection" menu, and check out the "six pack" on condiments that are placed on every table.

Note that Shiner beer is brewed in Shiner, Texas, and it's one of the most popular beers in Moab, the State of Utah, and all over the southwest.  Me?  I love it!

Photo:  Just a few minutes after placing my dinner order, and after a few sips of my beer, my friendly server, Sandra, arrived with my salad, along with a smile on her face.

Photo:  The salad which came as the "second course" of my meal - the Shiner beer was the "first course - was fresh, beautifully prepared, and was delicious, down to the pickled beets.  I requested the dressing - Ranch is my de facto standard - to be placed on the side, as many restaurants tend to smother salads in dressing, which tends to add punch to excessive calories, and to drown the vegetables in a sea of dressing.

Note the western "rope theme" on the plate.

Photo:  Meet my friendly server, Sandra, who treated me to family-friendly service, with an award-winning smile. After enjoying her company this evening, I almost felt like her long-lost uncle.

It was interesting to note as she brought my meal to my table, she was slightly puzzled as why I would want a second photo of her, as I'd already taken a photo of her bringing the salad to my table.  Why not take multiple photos???  The service is super-friendly, my order was placed on my table within 20 minutes after ordering, and Sandra delivered it to me with a smile.  Susie's Branding Iron will treat you right...

Photo:  I smile, after Sandra has placed my dinner of friend chicken on my table, as I know I'm in for a treat of some "good eatin'" at Susie's Branding Iron restaurant.

Photo:  My "Fried Chicken Dinner."  Yes, the photo looks delicious, but the dinner was even better than the presentation looks in the photo.

You get three pieces of fried chicken:  Drumstick, breast and wing.  No skimping the portion, as you get CHICKEN! Each piece of chicken is battered,, perfectly deep fried and is neither too greasy or salty.  The chicken is perfect.

You get your choice of potatoes or veggies - duh... I chose mashed potatoes - and your choice of gravy, either brown or white.  White was on my agenda.  Cowboy beans, along with fry bread to round out the meal.  Oh my!

My dinner was simply delicious!  I broke the fry bread into small pieces and dipped it into the bowl of cowboy beans and enjoyed the wholesome goodness, including lots of bacon.  Oh yes!!!  This was a new thing for me, but I adapted, and enjoyed a super-wonderful dinner of fried chicken, potatoes, cowboy beans, fry bread and salad at Susie's Branding Iron.

Crazy as it seems, I passed on the barbecue ribs that Susie's was offering tonight, in favor of their fried chicken. Great food, friendly service, and a wonderful dining room.  If you pass on the fried chicken, I'm sure you'll love the ribs.  Actually, I KNOW you'll love everything about Susie's Branding Iron, located in Moab, Utah.  As the restaurant's motto reads, "Come taste the west..."

Susie's Branding Iron
2971 US-191
Moab, UT 84532
435 259-6275

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