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I'm not exactily sure how this works, but some of the best mariscos that I've ever enjoyed have been during my travels to the desert regions of Arizona and Baja California.  Far from the ocean... go figure.  In Kingman, if you love Mexican seafood, Oyster's Mexican and Seafood is a restaurant that should be on your agenda.

Photo:  Oyster's Mexican and Seafood is located on Andy Devine drive, which translates into Route 66, in Kingman, Arizona.  On this early Sunday evening, May 04, 2014, it was a beautiful evening in Kingman.

Photo:  Oyster's decor is festive, family-friendly, and very Mexican.  The restaurant features a full-service bar, which is always a great place to be seated when you're dining along.  I sat at the bar, on the stool two seats to the right of the lady who is seated at the bar.

Photo:  Oyster's closes early on Sunday, so I was seated at the bar by six, and was able to watch one of the friendly servers take an order from a local family.  I'm quite surprised that nobody objected to me snapping the photo, as I was forced to use flash, due to the low light in the restaurant.

Photo:  Oyster's Mexican and Seafood features a full-service bar, which is available for your drinking, or dining pleasure.  Like most Mexican restaurants, the drink of choice is Margarita, as the bartendress holds a shot of Patron tequila - mmmmmm good - but they offer other drinks as well.  My motel was only a block from Oyster's, so I was able to enjoy myself without worries.

Photo:  After the chips and salsa arrived, I ordered a large Pacifico beer, and my friendly hostess was more than happy to allow me to photograph her, as she toasts to my love of Mexican beer.  The chips were fresh, as they were made in-house, and the salsa was spicy, but not extreme, and it was simply delicious.

Photo:  I was given a menu, but after enjoying a couple of beer - or more!!! - at my motel, before venturing to Oyster's, and after enjoying a tall Pacifico at the restaurant... well, my reading skills were failing me, along with many other of my senses, so I just asked the server, "What do you recommend for a 62-year old guy that LOVES mariscos?"  She picked the dish, so I just went for it...  It turned out that I ordered their "Seafood Sampler," which included everything, and turned out to be one of the best seafood dishes that I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy.

Photo:  I'm normally very good about keeping track of the names of the people who bring me food, but at Oyster's I was served by no less than three servers, who kept bring food to me... I enjoyed a feast!

Photo:  I went all out and enjoyed the top-of-the-line "Seafood Sampler" which included a large bowl of crab, oysters, shrimp, octopus, avocado, and more.  On the side, I enjoyed chips, salsa, refried beans, rice, corn tortillas, more beans, and guacamole.  Honestly, this is one of the best meals that I've ever eaten, and I splurged on this Sunday evening, as the meal, plus a couple of large Pacifico beers set me back nearly $40.00, before I paid the tax, and donated a generous tip, thanks to the food, and the friendly, fast and efficient service that Oyster's Mexican and Seafood has to offer.

Photo:  I'm a happy camper, as I enjoy my outstanding seafood dinner, and a third glass of cold, Pacifico beer.  The diners in the background seem to be happy my photo is being taken.   Photo gives a good idea of what Oyster's Mexican and Seafood Restaurant looks like from a server's view.  From my view?  Great people, great service, and, perhaps the best Mexican seafood that I've ever eaten!

The decor is beautiful, the music is delightfully Mexican, the service is attentive, the food is "way beyond belief good," and the atmosphere is priceless.  When you're visiting Kingman, Arizona, and if you're in the mood for a superior marisco experience, Oyster's Mexican and Seafood is the restaurant to visit.

Oyster's Mexican and Seafood
2906 E. Andy Devine Dr.
Kingman, AZ 86401
928 753-2030

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