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Before mid October, 2010, I'd never ventured even close to Yuma, Arizona, but in planning my fall vacation, Yuma seemed like a great place to visit, as it is very close to Mexico, offers unlimited desert four wheeling, and features some mighty fine railfanning.  In my experience with border towns, the towns on, literally, both sides of the fence seem to experience sort of a cross-pollination of food cultures, so I reasoned that I'd probably be able to locate a few good Mexican restaurants that served breakfast in Yuma.  I spent a bit of time surfing the web, checking out restaurants to enjoy a good, Mexican style breakfast in Yuma, and several restaurants came up, among them Tacos Mi Rancho.

Photo:  Tacos Mi Rancho is located in a building that seems to hail from the 1950's, when 4th Avenue was Historic Route 66, through downtown Yuma.

Tacos Mi Rancho is located on South 4th Avenue, which actually on the north side of town, a couple blocks west of downtown, and a few blocks south of the Colorado River, and the California state line.  It's located in a small, 1960's vintage strip mall, and the building, from the outside, looks like it could have been a typical diner or coffee shop, way back when, when 4th Avenue was the highway through Yuma, long before the days of Interstate 8.  You'll pretty much know what to expect before you even enter the building, as a free standing sign advertises the fact that they serve authentic Mexican food, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, offer orders, to-go, and sell beer.  The building itself is decorated with signs advertising their fine wares... it's colorful, informative, and just sooooo Yuma!

Inside, the place is decorated like a Mexican rancho, complete with an "earthy" decor of terra cotta colored waistcoating, pastel walls, matching tile floor, and lots of Mexican paintings and curios on the wall.  The curtains are a rainbow of colors, but they compliment the decor.  It's not all Mexican, as there is a lot of "Route 66" decor in the place, such as western-style hanging lamps, cowboy pictures, and cowboy curios.  Traditional Mexican music was playing in the background... Tacos Mi Rancho really reflects the best of Mexican, and American Southwestern culture, with a healthy dose of Route 66 thrown in for good measure.

Photo:  The breakfast counter, and the window to the kitchen as you walk into the restaurant.  Note the menu board above the kitchen window, the southwestern decor, and Esperanza, to the far left of the photo.

Photo:  The separate dining room, where I was seated, is more "Mexican" in decor than the main dining room, which is decorated in a more-or-less southwestern theme.

I was greeted by friendly Esperanza, and she invited me to sit anywhere of my choosing.  Not a problem, as on this Wednesday morning, October 20, 2010, there was only one other party in attendance.  I considered sitting at the breakfast counter, which faces the kitchen, in what could be considered the "main dining" room, which is more western than Mexican in decor, but I chose to sit at a small table in the rear dining room, which was decidedly decorated in a traditional Mexican rancho decor.  I was presented the menu, I ordered a cup of coffee, and when Esperanza came around to take my order, I ordered one of my favorite breakfasts:  Chorizo and eggs, with all of the sides, and of course, coffee!  By the way, the menu is posted above the counter, diner-style, which is something that I like to see.

Photo:  My server, Esperanza, poses next to the table, where she's just placed my breakfast for me to enjoy.

Photo:  Esperanza snapped my photo, as I sit at the table, about to enjoy a delicious Sonoran style breakfast.

I had barely time to take a few sips of my coffee before my breakfast arrived.  After she set my breakfast on the table, I was able to talk her into allowing me to take her photo, and for her to take a photograph of me, with my breakfast on the table before me.  The main plate included scrambled eggs, mixed with chorizo, refried beans, fried potatoes, and a small salad.  Side dishes included a plate of corn tortillas, and a bowl of red salsa.  After taking a photo of my breakfast, it was time to dig in and enjoy.

The breakfast was good, as the food was cooked perfectly, the presentation was beautiful, and there was lots of food.  I love Mexican breakfasts, and chorizo, eggs and all of the sides, and Tacos Mi Rancho produces a delicious breakfast, that combines fresh ingredients, reasonable prices, and friendly service.

Photo:  My delicious breakfast of chorizo, mixed with scrambled eggs, refried beans, fried potatoes, a small garden salad, in-house made salsa, corn tortillas, and a cup of coffee.  This is my idea of a good breakfast!

As an aside, I ordered my breakfast at the counter, and paid for it at the counter.  That didn't preclude me from leaving a tip, as I always leave a 25% tip or better when a server allows me to takes photos, and answers my many questions.

Although Tacos Mi Rancho isn't spectacular, when I'm in the mood for a delicious, Mexican-style breakfast in Yuma, Arizona, I'd return there in a New York minute.

Tacos Mi Rancho
188 South 4th Avenue
Yuma, AZ 85364
(928) 783-211

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