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Thursday, October 21, 2010 I spent much of the day touring the Mexican border town of Los Algogones, and enjoying a variety of delicious tacos.  By the time I arrived back at the motel room, I was tired, not particularly hungry, and out of my usual character, not in the mood to go out to a restaurant.  (You may notice that breakfast is usually my only "sit down" meal when I'm on the road...)  Like the night before, I decided to take the short three block to the nearest McDonald's outlet, just on the other side of Interstate 8 from my motel room.  I had also noticed the banner perched on the roof of the restaurant, which read: "2 Big Mac sandwiches $3."  How could I resist the lure of Corporate America at it's best ... or worst?

Photo:  The restaurant is located on the west side of Interstate 8, and judging by the highly visable sign, caters to the Interstate crowd.  Check out the banner on top of the restaurant that advertises the bargain-priced Big Macs.

Like it's neighbor and competitor across the street, this McDonald's is squeaky clean, big, bright and is the latest version in McD's arsenal of restaurants.  You walk inside, and if you're a lover of McDonald's, you'll feel right at home, as it's identical to any other copy of this particular version.  The staff is even dressed in the familia blue uniforms, and of course the menu is the same.  Corporate America comfort food at it's best!

I ordered two Big Macs for the bargain price of $3.00.  The girl at the counter attempted to interest me in a drink and an order of fries, but I ordered the sandwiches only, which always makes me feel good, as I know at that price, the sandwiches are a loss-leader.

Photo:  I take an existing light shot inside for effect, and also to keep a low profile.  If this restaurant appears familiar, it should be, as it sports the latest generic that the corporation has funished it's outlets with.

Photo:  Staff members seem to be surprised that I'm taking photos, but nobody bothered to ask "Why..?" which saved me from offering one of my many explanations.

While my order was being prepared, I snapped a couple of photos and received the usual "Why are you taking photos in this fast food outlet which is identical to any other McDonald's?..." but nobody questioned me.  If folks ask, which they usually, I have several ficticious stories to tell, and sometimes I even tell the truth - I like to record my food adventures, even if it's a Big Mac or two at McDonald's.

Photo:  My two Big Macs, which looked like, smelled like, and tasted exactly like every other Big Mac that I've eaten over the last 40 years.  You know what? .... I love fast food, and I love Big Macs!

No surprise that my Big Macs were good, maybe even very good, andthe bargain price of $3.00 for two of them, made them taste even better.  How can you beat the price, and it tastes even better when you know the corporation is loosing money on the burgers?  Sorry about your loss, Ronald, but that's the way it goes!

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