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Southwestern style barbecue with a Texas twist.  Delicious cuts of meat, smoked to a tender goodness over hickory logs  for 14 hours.  Barbecue served in a spacious, "sports bar-like" dining room.  How about a restaurant who honors active duty service personnel and veterans?  If you've checked all of the "boxes," pay a visit to Lonny Boy's Barbecue, located in Hurricane, Utah for an amazing barbecue meal.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's 11:00 o'clock on Saturday morning, October 10, 2020, and we've arrived at Lonny Boy's Barbecue. located in Hurricane, Utah, to enjoy his Hurricane-famous barbecue.  We'd sampled his barbecue on the trail during our enjoyable trail rides at The Trail Hero 2020, the four wheel drive/off road event we were attending, but we were eager to enjoy Lonny's fine cuisine in his restaurant.

We're "opening up" the restaurant on this late Saturday morning, in mid-October.

Photo:  One of two custom bikes on display outside, in front of the restaurant.  I love the tractor seat!

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you'll notice the rustic decor, and you'll notice the "social distancing" that's in effect, thanks to the COVID-19 virus.  Yes, even in Hurricane, UT!  It's a long ways to the order counter, but well worth the effort.

Photo:  The large dining room is separated into two sections by a low partition.  Note the logs at the rear of the restaurant, stacked up against the counter.  Those logs are indeed hickory, which burn in the smoker, to provide heat for cooking, along that sweet smoky flavor that hickory is known for.

Photo:  The decor is rustic, very "country," and much of it reflects on the mining activity that the St. George/Hurricane area was noted for in days gone by.  There are many clear, bare light bulbs suspended from the ceiling, which add a nostalgic touch.  Note the time on the clock, as it's always 5 o'clock at Lonny Boy's Barbecue!

Photo:  Lonny Boy's Barbecue's web site advertoses the restaurant's ordering method as "fast casual," but I look at it as what I call the "taqueria format."  You make your selection from the overhead menu, pay for your meal, receive a number, and when your order is ready, it will be brought to your table.  Yes, that's the way most taquerias work...

Photo:  There are no printed menus, as the menu is placed on the wall, above the kitchen.  The menu is also posted on the restaurant's web site, and if you prefer, you can order take-out, or your order can be delivered to you, using one of the many restaurant delivery services.

Photo:  Friendly Amy works the counter - along with the craft beer taps - and takes Robert's order.  There's a tip jar on the counter, and tips are appreciated by the friendly staff, but not expected or required.

Photo:  A look behind the counter shows the staff preparing our orders.  The kitchen is behind the staff, and not viable from the dining room.

Photo:  Meet Lonny, the owner of the restaurant, as he opened the pit for my viewing pleasure, and showed me brisket and chicken that had been cooking over hickory for nearly 14 hours.  Thanks for the view, Mr. Pitmaster!

Photo:  Chicken and brisket are smoking in Lonny's pit smoker, located outside, in back of the restaurant.  The pit runs all night, and after closing time, the staff locks the pit, and the meat smokes unattended all night long.

Photo:  The sign reads, "If there ain’t Lonny Boy's in Heaven, count me out," which is spoken like a true enthusiast of the fine, southwestern style of barbecue that Lonny Boy's in know for in the greater St. George area.

Photo:  Friendly server C.J. brought Robert's "The Sampler" lunch first, and quickly followed up with mine, including several small cups of Lonny's delicious, tangy barbecue sauce.  That's a pint of Wasatch "jalapiño-flavored" craft beer on the table, which is amazingly delicious, and must be tasted to believe.

Photo:  My friend Robert and I are ready to embark on a sacred mission:  Enjoy "The Sampler" barbecue lunch at Lonny Boy's Barbecue.  Thanks, C.J. for snapping our photo.  The presentation of our barbeque plates was marvelous, but the taste sensation was even better!

Photo:  Like me, Robert went with "The Sampler," in order to sample much of the amazing barbecue that Lonny Boy's has to offer.  His meal was nearly identical to mine, including the "Fried Cauliflower," with the exception the he went with a generous side of "Coleslaw," as the restaurant is noted for the amazing coleslaw they serve.

Photo:  From the "Plate Meals," section of the menu, I ordered "The Sampler," which covers all bases, and all the good barbecue that Lonny's has to offer.  Since today was my first visit to Lonny Boy's Barbecue, a sample of meat like a good idea, and a great place to begin.  

You get a sample of Lonny's barbecue meat, which is cooked in his smoker pit, outside, in back of the restaurant, over hickory wood for 14 hours.  Each sampler plate includes one pork rib, pulled pork, smoked chicken, along with several slices of beef brisket.  When you order "The Sampler," you get two side dishes of your choice, a cornbread muffin, and unlimited cups of Lonny's tangy in-house-made barbecue sauce.

All of the meat simply melted in my mouth, as it was so tender, you really didn't need teeth to enjoy.  The meat was juicy, tender, mouth-watering delicious, with a pleasant, smoky taste, which complimented the fine barbecue taste sensation, but did not overpower it.  The pulled pork was definitely enhanced by dipping it into Lonny's barbecue sauce, but none of the meat on "The Sampler" required sauce dipping, as the sauce simply enhanced the already amazing taste.

When it came to the sides, I really wanted to go with the "Garlic Red Mashed Potatoes," as I'd enjoyed a helping of them the previous Thursday evening, than's to the patriotism and generosity of Lonny Boy's Barbecue Express.  After going back and forth and playing a few "mind games," the adventurous side of me won out, and I went for Lonny's "Fried Pickle," along with the "Fried Cauliflower" that an untold numbers of "Yelpers" had raved about.

I loved the "Fried Pickle," as the dill pickle slices were battered, and arrived warm and tasty, right out of the deep fryer.  They were delicious, but in the end, I regret not ordering a side of the "Garlic Red Mashed Potatoes," as they were some of the best mashed potatoes that I've ever eaten.  Perhaps I should have ordered a side of mashed potatoes?  The "Fried Cauliflower" was battered, slightly spicy, and deep fried to a golden brown.  After devouring my cauliflower, I could understand what all of the "Yelpers" were raving about, as it was delicious, and unlike anything that I'd enjoyed since my last visit, five years ago, to the California State Fair.  The cornbread muffin was very good, but unremarkable.

Lonny Boy's Barbecue features a robust selection of local, craft beer, which I'm an absolute "sucker" for, and from the craft beer menu, I ordered a pint of Wasatch beer, presumably named after the nearby Wasatch mountain range.  When Amy, who was taking order and tending the counter, asked what flavor I wanted, I did a double-take, and she began reciting the various flavors available, and when it came to jalapiño, I said that what I'll take.  I'd never enjoyed jalapiño-flavored beer in my life!

At $3.99 for a pint of craft beer, it's a bargain, and the Wasatch "Jalapiño" beer didn't disappoint.  Imagine a smooth, German-inspired lager, with a hint of jalapiño, and you get the idea.  Delicious!

Lonny and his friendly staff know how to smoke meat to tender perfection, and how to serve delicious barbecue, along with amazing side dishes.  Like others, I absolutely RAVED about Lonny's fine barbecue, and his unique FRIED CAULIFLOWER, which is a must-eat when you visit Lonny Boy's.

When you're in Hurricane, UT, and you're hungry for amazing southwestern style barbecue, pay a visit to Lonny Boy's Barbecue.

Lonny Boy's BBQ
980 W. State St.
Hurricane, UT 84737
435 215-3011

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