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Double meat and double cheese...  It's a classic In-N-Out Burger dish, and I couldn't resist the "call of the burger" early Saturday evening, September 15, 2012, as I was visiting the beautiful city of Yuma, Arizona.

Photo:  It's 1230 on a mid-September evening in Yuma, Arizona, and the local In-N-Out Burger outlet presents an inviting picture for all those who enjoy a great burger.

Photo:  The Yuma store of In-N-Out Burger is clean, comfortable, and staffed by friendly staff who know how to deliver a quality burger.

Photo:  In-N-Out Burger features a limited menu of, you guessed it... burgers!  I'm waiting in line to order my double burger, with double cheese.  The line goes fast, as the staff are friendly and very efficient.

Photo:  This photo "did me in," as after snapping this photo, I politely informed by one of the staff members that photos inside are not allowed "inside" the store, but "outside" is allowed.  OK, shame on me... I played "dumb," as I truly didn't know the company's photo policy, as no signs were posted to that effect.  Although I was  slightly"stung" by the gentile rebuke, the restaurant is private property, and In-N-Out Burger has every legal right to dictate photo policy inside their stores.  So, I guess they don't care about the hundreds of "hits" that my web site generates.  No problem, as the next time I visit one of their restaurants, I'll leave my camera outside.

Photo:  The draconian photo taking policy left a slightly sour taste in my mouth, but the delicious Double-Double burger, order of fries, and a couple of cups of ketchup took away the sour taste rather quickly.  Despite the crazy photo policy, In-N-Out Burger serves one of the best burgers in the business, and I'll come back, but I'll leave my camera at home.

I must admit I was a bit put off for being told, however nicely, that photos "inside" were not permitted, so I'll keep that caveat in mind the next time I dine at In-N-Out Burger.  Outside of that small, photo "annoyance," In-N-Out Burger serves a great burger, which is a step above the "usual" fast-food burger produced by the major fast-food chains. Enjoy a great burger inside at In-N-Out, but leave your camera outside the dining room.

In-N-Out Burger Yuma
1940 E. 16th St.
Yuma, AZ 85365
800 786-1000

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