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As you cross into New Mexico from Arizona, on Interstate-40, the first major town you encounter is Gallup, a definite Route 66 town.  It was time for breakfast, and there were two varieties of diners that I was looking for:  a) Mexican or b) Route 66 vintage diner.  As I was driving in along historic Route 66, neardowntown Gallup, I took a detour onto Coal Ave., and I noticed Gordo's Cafe.   As I passed by, I just knew this fine restaurant would be today's breakfast stop.  Looks like Mexican won out...

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's a little after 9 in the morning on Thursday, September 08, 2018, and I've found Gordo's Cafe, in downtown Gallup.  The restaurant is located just a block off historic Route 66, and I just happened to find it as I took a detour in order to take a peek at downtown Gallup.

As the sign reads, Gordo's has been in business since 1970, and when I asked from within, I learned this is the original and present location of the restaurant.

Photo:  As you walk in the door, the kitchen is to your immediate right, then there's the counter, and the dining room.  There is nothing fancy about the decor, or anything fancy about the restaurant, but it's definitely a slice of Gallup, and all diners are locals.  The gentleman sitting at the counter is the owner of the restaurant, and he's catching up on paperwork.

Photo:  The breakfast menu features many Mexican and American favorites.  As I scanned the menu, my eyes stopped on the tamales and eggs, and didn't go any further.

Photo:  After placing my order, I walked to the rear of the restaurant and snapped this photo of the dining room, facing the counter and the entrance to the right.

Photo:  Kimmy, my friendly, talkative, but photo shy hostess delivers my breakfast to the counter.  We chatted about lots of things, and she was very interested in my road trip, as I "ate" my way along historic Route 66.

Photo:  Thanks, Kimmy, for taking my photo as I prepare to enjoy a wonderful breakfast at Gordo's Cafe.  I'm definitely all smiles, as I can not see, but I can smell my breakfast, and I know it'll be delicious.

Photo:  The breakfast menu features both American and Mexican choices, but I went Mexican, and my delicious breakfast on this Thursday morning was pure New Mexican cuisine. Two tamales, topped with two fried eggs, hash brown potatoes, refried beans, a toasted flour tortilla, and in-house made New Mexico style green chili.

My breakfast was amazingly delicious, and beautiful as pictured, but tasted even better.  The beef enchiladas and the beans were covered with shredded cheese, and the eggs - I ordered them cooked over easy - were cooked perfectly.  Kimmy warned me the green chili was really hot, and it was definitely spicy, but to me it was perfect, and gave my throat a warm feeling as it went "down the hatch."  I mostly used it for dipping my hash browns and tortilla, and it was so delicious that I asked for a second bowl, which Kimmy cheerfully brought to me.  She told me the green chili is made in-house daily, and that it's an old New Mexico recipe.  I believe her, as the chili and the breakfast was delicious!

Photo:  Close-up photo of my main breakfast plate of hash brown potatoes, two beef enchiladas topped with two fried eggs, along with refried beans.  Simply delicious!

Gordo's Cafe is small, unpretentious, friendly, and serves the kind of food that mom used to make.  I definitely enjoyed my breakfast!  When you're visiting Gallup, New Mexico, and you're looking for amazing food, be sure to pay a visit to Gordo's Cafe.

Gordo's Cafe
800 W. Coal Ave.
Gallup, NM 87301
505 722-5169

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