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Filberto's Mexican Food is a small chain of restaurants that feature Mexican-style cuisine, scattered over sourthern California, Arizona and New Mexico.  Filberto's serves great food, at very reasonable prices.  On Thursday, March 22, 2012, I enjoyed breakfast at the Yuma, AZ outlet of Filbertos...


Photo:  Filberto's Mexican Food is a small chain of restaurants in the American Southwest, and on this Thursday morning, I chose to visit the Yuma, AZ outlet.


Photo:  You walk in, place your order at the counter from the lighted menu on the wall behind the counter, pay for your order, and then you pick a table.  Filberto's is a cross-between a fast-food and a sit-down restaurant.  Good news for cheap folks:  Tips aren't expected, as personal service doesn't happen at Filberto's.  However, I couldn't help to notice the styrafoam cut stuffed with dollar bills labeled "tips."  Sorry, friends, as I didn't contribute to the cause...


Photo:  The good news - I like to start things on a positive note - the coffee is good, and the refills are free.  The bad news:  You have to hike up to the counter and wait until you get the attention of Laura, the counter gal, as, note her headset, she wears many hats, including order-taker, order-filler, coffee-girl, and I suppose she could be labeled as the "Chief Cook and Bottle Washer."  Then, after all of that, you get your free coffee refill...Seriously, Laura and a gentleman who appeared to be fulfilling the cooking duties, seemed to be the only staff on-hand.  No complaints, as the food was good, the price was great, and my breakfast arrived in less than 10 minutes after paying for it.  Oh yes, NO TIPS!!


Photo:  My $6.58 "Steak Ranchero" breakfast was a bargain, and delicious!  For $6.58, plus $1.00 for coffee, and the 7.5% Arizona State sales tax, you get chopped steak, two fried eggs, refried beans, rice, salsa, cheese, and a large flour tortilla.  OK, it's served on a styrafoam plate, and you dine with plastic utensils, but when you put the "plastic" aside and concentrate on the food, the food is good, maybe even great, and you can't beat the price.

The breakfast was basic, but good, and you can't beat the price, anywhere in Arizona.  Filberto's Mexican Food is a cross between a fast-food outlet and a sit-down restaurant, as you're not "really" served your food, so if you're on the cheap, tips are not expected.  All in all, I've enjoyed better breakfasts, but breakfast at Filberto's Mexican Food is a great start to the day.

Filberto's Mexican Food
1750 South 4th Ave.
Yuma, AZ 85364
928 783-2688

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