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I am an absolute lover of small town diners, as the reflect the culinary taste of the locals, are in tune with the "pulse" of the community.  If the restaurant is near a freeway, you can factor in the fine tastes of truckers, fifth-wheelers, law enforcement and any traveler who has good taste in fine dining.  Copper Kettle Cafe, located in Wendover, UT, is just off busy I-80, and serves amazing diner cuisine, and offers something for every appetite and taste.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's a little past 09:00 in the morning, Monday, October 12, 2020, and my friend and I are on the way home from an off-road vacation in Utah, and have stopped at Copper Kettle Cafe, located in Wendover, UT, to enjoy a great breakfast.

This fine restaurant is located on Wendover Blvd., just off Interstate 80, and is a favorite breakfast spot for truckers, and all who appreciate fine diner cuisine.

Photo; As you enter the restaurant, you'll notice the counter - a trademark of a fine diner - along with the "Please Wait to be Seated" sign.  The cashier station is out of the photo to the left, and the friendly cashier also does duty as the greater/seater, and will sit you at an open booth or table.

Photo:  The dining room furniture is a mixture of tables and booths.  During these days of the COVID-19 virus, half of the tables and booths have been blocked off, to allow for "social distancing."

Photo:  The first page of the menu features all of your breakfast favorites.  My friend and I are ex-military, and love breakfast, so we placed our orders from this page.  To see the complete menu Copper Kettle Cafe offers, click on THIS LINK...

Photo:  Our friendly hostess, Marcella, takes Robert's breakfast order.  Note the booth towards the rear of the photo that has been blocked off, thanks to the virus.

Photo:  After I placed my order, I got up, wandered around the restaurant, and managed to snap a photo, over the breakfast counter, of the two talented chefs performing their magic, in the kitchen.

Photo:  Meet Marcella, our friendly hostess, who brings our breakfast to us with a smile.  Marcella provided us with outstanding service and treated us like members of her extended family.

Photo:  Robert, my friend of 25+ years,  and I are ready to enjoy an amazing breakfast at Copper Kettle Cafe. Thanks, Marcella, for taking our photo.

Photo:  My friend ordered the "Country Fried Steak," from the "Breakfast" menu.  The menu describes his steak as, "6-oz Angus cube steak seasoned, breaded, then deep fried to a crispy golden brown.  Smothered with country gravy and served with two eggs any style and toast and jelly.  Like my breakfast, my friend's breakfast featured a beautiful presentation, which must be a trademark of Copper Kettle Cafe.

Photo:  From the "Breakfast" section of the menu, I went with "Steak and Eggs," with an optional side of gravy, which is the perfect way to get your morning started in Wendover, UT.  The menu describes the breakfast as, "8-oz top sirloin steak, with 2 eggs any style, with your choice of toast and jelly, or corn or flour tortillas."  I hadn't had toast for at least a couple of weeks, so I went with sourdough toast, rather than my de facto standard of tortillas.

Note the attractive presentation, complete with orange wedge, and a sprig of parsley.

The "main attraction" of my breakfast centered on the 8-oz sirloin steak, and I requested my steak cooked medium, and my steak arrived perfectly cooked medium, just like I ordered it.  The steak was slightly seasoned, tender and juicy, and you really didn't need a knife to cut it, as the fork worked perfectly.  It was simply delicious!

The "benchmark" to judge a great breakfast chef is when you order eggs over easy, they arrive cooked, over easy, and not hard nor broken.  My eggs arrived over easy... the chef has talent.

My order of hash brown potatoes were cooked to a crispy golden on the outside, and tender and chewy on the inside, the way hash browns are meant to be cooked.  The sourdough toast was perfectly toasted and arrived with a package of butter and a package of strawberry jelly.  I buttered my toast and left the jelly on the side.

The optional bowl of gravy was a wonderful addition to my breakfast, as the gravy was creamy, smooth, well-textured, and there were lots of small chunks of sausage. Mmmmm... The restaurant didn't charge extra for the optional bowl of gravy!  Thank you!

Copper Kettle Cafe is a favorite of the Wendover locals, and a favorite stop for truckers, law enforcement, and travelers along nearby Interstate 80.  You'll enjoy amazing diner cuisine in an "old school" dining room, you'll leave with a full stomach, and you'll be treated to friendly service.  Copper Kettle Cafe is a wonderful restaurant to visit, in Wendover, UT, on I-80, to enjoy a great meal!

Copper Kettle Cafe
600 Wendover Blvd.
Wendover, UT 84083
435 665-7990

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