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How could you not resist eating breakfast at a restaurant with a name like Bubba's BBQ?  On Wednesday, March 21, 2012, I couldn't... and I enjoyed a delicious breakfast at Bubba's BBQ, in Yuma, Arizona.


Photo:  Bubba's BBQ Restaurant is about as retro as it gets, both on the inside and the outside.  At Bubba's, parking is plentiful.


Photo:  The view of Bubba's as you walk in the front door.  Like many 1970's-era diners, Bubba's has a large breakfast counter, where I prefer to dine when I'm alone, as it gives me a good chance to check out the action.  Note the knotty pine paneling... quite retro.  The only electronics I saw was a digital cash register; computers are unheard of at Bubba's BBQ Restaurant.


Photo:  My friendly server, Betty, kept my coffee cup full and offered outstanding service.


Photo:  Bubba's breakfast menu offers a wide array of choices, but I opted for two fried eggs, hashbrowns, sourdough toast, coffee and gravy on my potatoes, as I planned to spend the day in nearby Los Algonones, Mexico and I always stuff myself on tacos when I visit Mexico.  I originally ordered a "side" of gravy, and Betty suggested that if I ordered gravy on my potatoes, there would be no extra charge.  Nice suggestion!  Since I planned to cover my hashbrowns with the "side" of gravy, I took her suggestion and thanked her for it.  


Photo:  I asked the gentleman sitting next to me at the breakfast counter to take my photo, and he did, and it's actually in focus!  Thanks, John!

I loved the food and the very retro-dining room, as I don't think the decor had been updated since the 1970's!  The free gravy on my hashbrowns was a good deal too.  Bubba's BBQ is a great place to enjoy a great breakfast!

Bubba's BBQ
2497 S. 4th Ave.
Yuma, AZ 85364
928 317-1030

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