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I had been vacationing in Yuma, AZ for three days, and I'd been passing by Brownie's Café for the same amount of days, and finally on Thursday morning, October 21, 2010, I had the opportunity to stop by and enjoy breakfast at Brownie's Café


Photo:  Brownie's Café is located along Old Route 66, and the exterior is pure 1950's Route 66-style diner styling, complete with vertical sign that proudly states:  CAFE!  That's my white, F-250 Ford 4WD truck, complete with the ham radio antennas that attracted the attention of the co-owner of Tortas LaBella, located in Yuma.

Brownie's Café is as about as old-school as a restaurant can get, as it features diner atmosphere, straight from the 1950's, and the restaurant probably hasn't been updated inside since the 1960's.  I placed myself at the breakfast counter in order to take in all of the action and I noted such things as:  Formica counter tops, vinyl stools, and vinyl upholstery on booths, order wheel, where orders are clipped to the wheel and the kitchen staff spin the wheel around, take off the order, prepare it, stamp the order, and place the cooked food on the kitchen staff, so the wait staff can take it to the customers.  Straight out of the 1960's...

Well, not quite, as they have an electronic cash register, out of the 1980's, complete with plasma LED's... a stand-alone machine, obviously not connected to a LAN, or a WiFi system.  Brownie's Café is truly of the old school persuasion.

Photo:  Inside Brownie's, it's pure 1960's diner atmosphere, except for the 1980's vintage electronic cash register.

Brownie's Café is a truly local restaurant, as all - or most of the diners - appeared to be locals, mostly the older crowd, alas, like I am.  There was a lot of "Hey Joe, good to see you!," and "What's up, Harry?" and all of the like; the place is local and if you're a fan of old Route 66, it's located along what was the highway until the Interstate passed Yuma by, in the early 1960's.

Brownie's Café's menu includes all of your American comfort food favorites, and an outstanding selection of breakfast favorites, and since Yuma is very close to Mexico, their breakfast menu includes Mexican favorites such as chorizo and eggs, refried beans and tortillas.  On this Thursday morning, I wasn't very hungry, so I ordered a modest selection of two fried eggs, over easy, hash brown potatoes, sourdough toast and coffee; no meat... the total came to $7.00, including the outrageous Arizona state sales tax.

Photo:  Honey, you can run, but you can't hide from my camera, as I capture a clandestine photo of my server Sarah, in the top, right, center of the photo.  I truly hope bad things didn't happen to her after I snapped this forbidden photo, much less published it on our web Site.

Photo:  I'm not shy to have my photo taken, as Sarah snapped my photo at the breakfast counter, with my breakfast on the counter, before me.  Thanks, Sarah, and the staff at Brownie's Café for the great breakfast experience.

Although my waitress, Sarah, was efficient and friendly, she balked when I asked her if I could take her photo, as she said, "Bad things happen to me when people take my photo."  Not sure that means... but as a gentleman, I didn't directly take her photo, but I did manage to take a candid photo of her, as I was paying for my meal.  Sarah, if you're reading this article, I hope nothing bad happened to you after I snapped your photo, and published it on the Internet.

Brownie's Café is a Route 66 era diner that's still goin' strong, and a favorite of the Yuma locals, and the kind of place where I love to enjoy a delicious breakfast.  Brownie's is open for breakfast and lunch only, so you know their heart, soul and spirit is in breakfast, which is my favorite meal of the day.

Brownie's Café is a good place to go, as they feature diner, retro atmosphere, great diner food, ample portions, great coffee, and great service.  If you're a "foodie" like I am, and like to take photos, you're on your own at Brownie's, so I can't recommend them for photos, but other than Sarah's photo shyness, nobody hassled me as I took photos, so it just must be that Sarah, for whatever reason, is photo shy.  Such a shame for such a beautiful girl...

Photo:  My delicious breakfast of sourdough toast, hash brown potatoes, two eggs, fried over easy and sprinkled with pepper, and a cup of coffee.  

Route 66 ambiance, local cuisine, and a priceless diner atmosphere make Brownie's Café the place to go in Yuma to enjoy a delicious, diner-style breakfast.  I love the place!

Brownie's Cafe
1145 S 4th Ave.
Yuma. 85365
928 783-7911

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