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I must be very candid with you, as I must admit that I've never eaten a hot dog that I didn't love, even the tepid, boiled, and way-too overpriced Dodger Dogs, passed on to baseball fans at Los Angeles' Dodger Stadium.  I've eaten hot dogs, cooked on the streets of New York, Chicago, Tijuana, Sacramento, and many other places, but in my humble opinion, there is nothing like a Sonoran-style hot dog.  Just like all Mexican hot dogs, your Sonora dog will be wrapped in smoky bacon, grilled over mesquite coals, but the Sonoran folks add pinto beans to the dog, which makes takes the dog far beyond the hot dogs that you'll find on the streets of Tijuana.

Left:  BK Hot Dogs, is located in a unique, semi-open air restaurant, along busy 12th Ave.  Note that the parking lot is quite full.  That's my car, the green 1996 Camry to the extreme lower right of the photo.  The date is is Wednesday afternoon, March 14, 2007.

Prior to my visit to Tucson, in March of 2007, I had "goggled" the web, searching for Sonoran-style hot dogs in Tucson, as a cousin of my wife's is a resident of Tucson, and he told me there are many hot dog carts, stands and catering trucks that feature that fine cuisine.  Surfing the web, I repeatedly came up with the name BK Hot Dogs, which had won the Tucson Weekly "Best of Tucson 1997:  Best Taco and Hot Dog Stand" award.  Well, that was enough for me to dial their address into my G.P.S. and to head over to their restaurant to sample one of their Sonoran-style hot dogs.

Photo:  The stainless steel hot dog cart is located in a corner of the shaded dining area, where you can watch your hot dog cooked on the grill, and actually converse with the friendly hot dog chef, as this gal is doing.

BK Hot Dogs isn't exactly a restaurant, as the "dining room," so to say, is placed on a concrete slab, and populated by picnic tables, and it's covered by a tent-style canopy, to shade diners from the hot Tucson sun, and the occasional monsoon rain shower that Tucson occasionally has to endure.  It's a dining room with a view; the view is the parking lot, and a glimpse of busy 12th Ave.  Amenities aside, you'll note that BK's menu is placed above the order counter and two things will come to mind:  1)  Hot Dogs 2) Carne Asada.  Although their menu includes many versions of tacos, including seafood tacos, you can't help to note that hot dogs are their specialty, followed by carne asada tacos.

Photo:  These high-tech guys are enjoying hot dogs at BK's, under the canopy of their dining room.  The order counter is to the rear of the photo, as a customer places his order, and another customer waits in line to place her order.  BK is a very busy taco and hot dog stand.

You walk up to the order window, and place your order, from the friendly girl behind the window.  If you can look beyond her smiling face, or low-cut neck line, which is hard to do, you'll note plenty of folks in the kitchen, behind her, engaged in chopping meat, making tortillas, and making salsa.  You pay for your meal, in my case a Sonora-style hot dog, "con todo," and you're given a little slip of paper to give to the guy who's cooking the hot dogs.  The cook is at a stainless steel hot dog cart, under the canopy, and you present him the slip, and he asks you what you want on your hot dog, somewhat redundant, but not a problem.  If you're like me, you answer "con todo," but if that doesn't work you can just state that you want everything on your hot dog, as English works just fine at BK Hot Dogs.

So if you order "con todo" you can expect great things from your BK Hot Dog.  Your dog will arrive on a bun, that's not really split in the middle, American-style, as the center is sort of hollowed out, and the ends are left joined together.  First, pinto beans are placed in the bun, followed by the grilled, bacon-wrapped hot dog.  Then, diced red onions, diced tomatoes and salsa verde are placed over the dog, and tucked into the bun, and yellow mustard and mayonnaise is squirted on top of the condiments, and the result is a delicious Sonora-style hot dog with an attractive presentation.  The price?  Only $2.70.  At that price, order two of them and stuff yourself!

Photo:  Here's my BK Hot Dog, dressed to kill, and ready to eat.  Notice the grilled yellow chili pepper that's included with my delicious hot dog.

There is no doubt in my mind that BK Hot Dogs serves some of the best hot dogs in Tucson, or in the state of Arizona.  If you've never experienced the joys of Sonoran-style hot dogs, I recommend that you pay BK Hot Dogs a visit.  You'll be glad you did.

BK Hot Dogs
5118 S. 12th Av.
Tucson, AZ 85706
520 295-0105

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