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After spending a full day driving from Gunnison, CO to Moab, UT, and doing lots of photo-taking and sightseeing along the way, not to mention taking a roundabout route, I pulled into Slickrock Campground,  located in Moab, pitched my tent, and popped the top on a beer.  After relaxing for a couple of hours, with a beer or three, driving was out of the question, but there were no worries, as The Atomic Grill & Lounge is located next to the campground, where I was staying.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's a little past 7 in the evening on Monday, September 17, 2018, and I've made the short walk from the campground to The Atomic Grill & Lounge, located next door, to enjoy a wonderful dinner without the worries of driving.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you're greeted with a very questionable sign - I have no knowledge about the origin of this dire warning - a "Please Wait to be Seated" sign, a daily special board, and a friendly face at the cash register.  

If you're heading to the dining room, turn to your left for the dining room and the patio.  The bar is to the right. Since I was dining on the patio, I just told the friendly guy at the counter, Chris, who would later be my server, that I was heading to the patio.  The restaurant and the patio was lightly seated on this early Monday evening, so I simply "sat" myself at a table of my choice on the patio.

Photo:  The large, spacious dining room is nearly empty, as the weather was gorgeous, so practically everybody was dining outside on the patio.

Photo:  The large, comfortable patio, as viewed from the entrance to the dining room.  The cheerful fountain is in the left center of the photo, and the gurgling water adds a nice touch to the big band/swing music playing softly in the background, to enhance the mood on this early Monday evening.

Photo:  Tonight's dinner of "Southwest Specialties" was pretty compact, but proved very interesting.  My friendly server, Chris, told me the owner is a chef, and always strives to come up with something unique and different on the menu.  The motto of the restaurant is, "There's no place like us," and I would say that is a very true statement.  I actually wanted a burger, but since burgers weren't on the dinner menu, I went with "Duck Tamales."

Photo:  Meet my friendly server Chris, who delivered my dinner to me, with a smile on his face, only about 20 minutes after I placed my order.  

Such a lovely evening to enjoy dinner on the patio, as the sky was clear, the wind was calm and the temperature was in the low 90's.

Photo:  Thanks, Chris, for taking my photo, as I get ready to enjoy my dinner of "Duck Tamales," southwest vegetables, and rice verde.  Today was a first for me to enjoy duck tamales, and I wasn't disappointed.

Photo:  Look at the presentation of my dinner of "Duck Tamales" ... it's simply a work of art!  Oh yes, my dinner was delicious.

The menu simply describes "Duck Tamales" as, "Two tamales topped with adobo sauce and grilled pineapple salsa."  But if you'll check the restaurant's web site, you'll notice more, as "cotija cheese, rice verde and southwest vegetables" are added to the description.

I must say that tonight was the first time in my life, and most likely the last time, that I've ever enjoyed a dinner where duck tamales was the showcase.  However, the tamales were absolutely delicious; the duck was not "gamey," and the presentation was beautiful.  I loved the corn husks the tamales rested on.

The rice verde was basic rice with sauteed green pepper - hence the name "rice verde" and the southwest veggies were a medley of grilled vegetables, seasoned, and tastefully blended together for not only a beautiful presentation, but for a Moab taste sensation.

I actually wanted a burger for dinner, but since burgers aren't on the dinner menu, I went with a the "Duck Tamale," which I've never enjoyed before.  Great tamale, lovely patio, and outstanding and friendly service from Chris.  I enjoyed a delicious dinner, I didn't have to drive, and I was able to walk back to my tent in complete safety.  Such a great evening at The Atomic Grill & Lounge in Moab, UT.

The Atomic Grill & Lounge
1393 US 191
Moab, UT 84532
435 259-5201

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